Article | November 2, 2020
Horseplay: Multiple Disciplines Boost Equestrian Events’ Popularity   

For more than a century, American equestrian athletes have represented the U.S. in international competition, claiming medals in the Olympics, Pan... More>>

Article | November 2, 2020
Bucking Convention: Rodeo Has New Grounds for Growth   

With an American fan base exceeding 43 million people, ever-increasing media coverage (and prize purses), as well as a new focus on attracting... More>>

Article | November 2, 2020
Reimagining Triathlon: A Campaign to Reposition a Brand   

Sometimes, keeping a longtime favorite event appealing means reimagining and repositioning it. That is what USA Triathlon did with its “The Power... More>>

Article | November 2, 2020
Pickleball Continues Its Rally   

The sport of pickleball continues to expand throughout the country, and the world. The latest research from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association... More>>

Article | November 2, 2020
The Big Dig: Volleyball Continues its Spike   

On hardwood, in the sand and on the grass, volleyball has continued its upward curve, resonating particularly with female players. The sport showed... More>>

Article | November 2, 2020
Tennis Bounces Back   

When sports all but shut down this past spring, tennis bounced back faster than most, as players realized that the physical distancing inherent in... More>>

Article | November 2, 2020
Football: An Update from NAIA   

Of all the sports to be presented this fall, few have received the ink football has. The NAIA continues to explore the boundaries as well as the... More>>

Article | November 2, 2020
Navigating Hotels for your Teams   

Once you’ve decided upon the city where your event is going to be held (and of course, the venue to host it), the next step in the process is... More>>

Article | November 2, 2020
Event Merchandising in the COVID-19 Age   

One of the biggest and most well-loved marketing techniques for sports event has long been branded merchandise, from T-shirts to hats to socks and... More>>

Article | November 2, 2020
The World of the Mobile Apps for Sports and Events   

The use of apps for sports events is a trend that is not going away. Increasingly, athletes, their families, press and spectators are turning to... More>>

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