Article | December 11, 2019
Should Fishing Event Owners Be Concerned About Contaminated Water?   

Some parts of the country are moving toward ice fishing. Some have year-round temperate conditions. But just about everyone has favorite fishing... More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
Texans Vote to Allow Sporting Goods Sales Tax to Benefit Parks   

Those who’ve ever wanted to be able to direct their taxes toward something they support now have the chance. In its most recent election, Texans... More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
Reimagined Mall Using Sports to Lure Back Shoppers   

The Mall of America may have an amusement park, but the American Dream Mall has that, plus an ice rink, a ski hill and 40 water slides. Get ready for... More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
NFHS Offers Sports Parents Instructional Video on How to Behave   

Student athletes need coaching - but not from the parents in the stands. In fact, according to the National Federation of State High School... More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
Not a Crystal Ball But a Good Prediction for Growth of Sports in 2020   

When it comes to predicting what are going to be the hot sports in coming years, we don’t have a crystal ball and the black plastic Magic 8-Ball... More>>

Article | November 27, 2019
Inside Events: Crappie USA   

While bass fishing gets plenty of ink, it’s not the only sport on U.S. waters. Crappie USA, the first and largest crappie tournament organization... More>>

Article | November 27, 2019
The Lowdown on Blowouts: Students Speak Out in Support of Lopsided Victories   

Whether it’s called handing another team a donut, blanking them or simply running up the score, the issue of lopsided victories has gotten plenty... More>>

Article | November 27, 2019
NATA Releases Guidelines Regarding Youth Sports Specialization   

There’s been plenty of debate regarding youth athletes specializing in one sport. Now, the National Athletic Trainers Association has weighed in,... More>>

Article | November 27, 2019
Is Anyone Watching the International Swimming League?   

The International Swimming League, a series of around-the-world team competitions featuring elite swimmers, has its own TV show, a big payroll –... More>>

Article | November 27, 2019
IOC/Airbnb Partnership: A Step in the Right Direction or a Can of Worms?   

With the announcement last week of a sponsorship deal between the IOC and Airbnb, private homeowners in host cities could leverage some benefit when... More>>

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