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Special Report: Underneath the Wave of Women Fishing

Women represent an important emerging audience for the fishing and boating industry. To grow this demographic, RBFF and Ipsos conducted research among active, lapsed, and non-angler women to...

Capstone Partners

Outdoor Recreation Business is Slower But Consumers Continue to Propel the Market

Despite challenging conditions, consumer spending has propelled the outdoor recreation market forward. Some business has slowed at the mergers & acquisitions (M&A) level but a number of interesting...

Tennis Participation in the United States: Data from the Racquet Industry Research Group

Tennis Participation in the United States: Data from the Racquet Industry Research Group

This report is an overview of findings on tennis participation in the United States, based on 2023 data. This study uses a sample of 18,000 individuals ages 6 and older, providing a higher degree of...

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Food Waste Diversion and Compostable Packaging Playbook

Sports events can take steps to become more eco-friendly by following best practices on food waste diversion, and by using compostable packaging, rather than single-use containers. This document from...

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Esports Venue Requirements: The Essential Guide

Destinations, colleges and other entities that want to have a designated space for esports, or that are considering making existing space adaptable to esports, can access these pointers.

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Collegiate Zero Waste Playbook

This playbook highlights the case studies and best practices of zero waste programs at universities across the United States. It was developed and provided by the Green Sports Alliance.

American Sportfishing Assn.

Research into the Economics of Sportfishing in America

America’s 52.4 million anglers contribute $148 billion in economic output and support 945,500 jobs across the entire country, while also contributing $1.8 billion towards conservation. While jobs...

Aspen Institute-Project Play

Sport Participation Rates Among Underserved American Youth

Now more than ever, it takes significant resources such as time, access and money to develop as an athlete and be fully engaged in organized sport activities. This reality eliminates or limits access...

SUNY (State University of New York)

The Economic Impact of Professional Sports in the United States

The purpose of this synthesis was to review the literature on the economic impact of American professional sports franchises, exclusive of promises made by or to local officials.

Esports games

Research: The Most Popular Esports

Tournament organizers should know the most popular esports games worldwide. This study examines them and provides information.