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Event Safety Alliance

The Event Safety Alliance's Guide to Safe Reopening Of Events

This document provides good guidelines and practical information for safe reopening of live events, including sports, during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation in the U.S.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis has released this report, showing that the outdoor recreation economy accounted for 2.1 percent ($459.8 billion) of current-dollar gross domestic product (GDP) for the...


Investing in Our Future: Quantifying the Impact of Completing the East Coast Greenway in the Delaware River Watershed

The economic impact of completing the East Coast Greenway Trail in the Delaware River Watershed is substantial. The report's key finding: Completing the East Coast Greenway in the Greater Philadelphia...


Outdoor Participation Report by the Outdoor Foundation

Participation in outdoor recreation has declined dramatically, despite strong attention being paid to events like bass tournaments. In addition, fewer people are traveling to participate in outdoor...


Economic Contribution of the 2018 Recreational Red Snapper Season in the South Atlantic

This study estimates the economic contributions that can be reasonably attributed to the six-day red snapper season in August 2018 based on activities within the states of North Carolina, South...


COVID-19: Response and Reopen

SFA/SFM presents this information to help venue owners, operators and staff work together to develop a comprehensive plan for not only reopening after COVID-19 but for developing protocols to help...


Pedal-Assist Mountain Bikes: A Pilot Study Comparison of the Exercise Response, Perceptions, and Beliefs of Experienced Mountain Bikers

As the cycling event industry changes, e-bikes (also known as pedal-assist), event owners will want to examine the efficacy of adding a category for these riders. This study examiners riders'...


The Impact of Sports on the Travel Industry

The U.S. Travel Association notes that more than 150 million individuals attended professional sporting events in 2018 across the five major sports leagues. What impact does attending and...


Guidance for Opening Up High School Athletics and Activities

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has created this document as guidance on how state associations can consider approaching the many components of “opening up” high...


The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide

The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide is a collective work by event industry professionals to help peers who are planning to reopen during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.