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White Papers


45 Years of Title IX: The Status of Women in Intercollegiate Athletics

In conjunction with the 45th anniversary of Title IX, the NCAA office of inclusion has released a new report.


The Economic Impact of the 2015 Preakness Stakes on the Maryland Economy

This research report includes visitor spending and job creation as a result of the 2015 Preakness Stakes in Maryland


The Economic Impact Analysis of a Youth Softball World Series

A report on the economic impact of a youth sports event.


Rio: The Legacy - A report by the International Olympic Committee

The IOC has a released a report, showcasing the ways Rio was "made a better place" by the presence of the 2016 Summer Games.


Taking the Field: Advancing Energy and Water Efficiency in Sports Venues

The document looks at ways U.S. sports venues can make a positive ecological impact by reducing their energy and water use.


Economic Contributions of Recreational Fishing: U.S. Congressional Districts

Recreational fishing brings a myriad of economic benefits to communities throughout the U.S. This report breaks them down by district.


Game On: The Impact of Youth Sports on a Regional Economy

This white paper takes a look at the economic impact of two youth sports tournaments on the Traverse City, Michigan, region.


Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2017

How can event owners get maximum participation? By aligning with the top fitness trends. The American College of Sports Medicine's survey explains.


FIFA 2.0: The Vision for the Future

FIFA outlines its intentions for the beautiful game on a forward-going basis in this white paper.


Blue Ridge Marathon Economic Impact Analysis

This white paper is a detailed summary of the economic impact of the 2016 Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon on the surrounding area.