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Dr. Bonnie Tiell

Dr. Bonnie Tiell

Dr. Bonnie Tiell is the Dean of Graduate Studies for Tiffin University (Ohio). She coordinates the Olympic Academic Experience (Athens, Beijing and London) and is co-chair of the NCAA Women's Leadership Symposium. Tiell has a doctorate in sports management and human resource management from the United States Sports Academy; a Masters of Education in Sports Administration from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; and, a Bachelors of Science in Physical Education (N-12) from Troy University.

Article | May 19, 2016
Field of Study: Ballparks, Arenas and Racetracks Serve as Classrooms in Sports Management   

By: Dr. Bonnie Tiell

Degree programs in sports management are proliferating. But what separates them? Often, it comes down to the internship experiences they can offer...more >>

Article | April 28, 2015
Teaching Responsibility and Due Diligence: Preparing Sports Management Students for Roles as a Sport Supervisor   

By: Dr. Bonnie Tiell

The field of sport management has evolved over the years. Today’s event owners and rights holders, as well as CVB and sports commission personnel,...more >>

Article | May 23, 2014
The Sports Management Graduate Education Advantage   

By: Dr. Bonnie Tiell,Kelley Walton, JD, SPHR

Knowledge is power and an advanced degree is proof. Learn the advantages and get ready to make your next move.

Article | March 31, 2012
Education Degree Programs   

By: Dr. Bonnie Tiell

Sport management curriculum has been offered in colleges since the mid-fifties when a class in Baseball Ticket Sales was offered by Walter O'Malley,...more >>

Article | August 31, 2011
Going Online To Get Ahead: Advanced Degrees in Sports Management   

By: Dr. Bonnie Tiell

Pursuing an advanced online degree in an accredited sports management program is a steadfast means to leverage relationships that can fulfill dreams...more >>


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