Article | January 8, 2020
Weakness in Participation Could Foreshadow a Stumble in Sports Travel   

When the Sports and Fitness Industry Association released its annual State of the Industry Report, it was easy to become distracted by the statistics... More>>

Article | January 8, 2020
Does USA's Drop in Popularity as a Destination Signal a Recession?   

While everyone is concerned about the impact of tariffs and strengthened policies governing admittance to the U.S., here is something you might not... More>>

Article | January 8, 2020
How Will New Airbnb Rules Impact Sports?   

Airbnb closed out 2019 with the announcement that it would be making some changes in order to safeguard not only guests but hosts and the neighbors... More>>

Article | January 8, 2020
After Charlotte, Will MLS Expansion Continue?   

MLS just launched its 30th team and there’s still talk of creating even more opportunity. After all, Las Vegas and Phoenix were runners-up in the... More>>

Article | January 8, 2020
A Call for Increased Security at High School Sporting Events   

In the wake of a shooting at a New Jersey high school football game in November that killed a 10-year-old boy, the National Federation of State High... More>>

Article | January 8, 2020
2022 Youth Olympics Adds Sports, Touts Gender Equality   

In order to better reflect the modern age and its demands for diversity, the IOC has announced that the 2022 Youth Olympics will include not only a... More>>

Article | January 8, 2020
Study: Sports Fans Would Cancel Honeymoon, Risk Job to See Favorite Team Play   

We already know sports fans will travel to compete (it’s why we’re here). But did you also know that close to 20 percent of those surveyed would... More>>

Article | January 8, 2020
Will the Unavailability of Freon Impact Youth Hockey Programs?   

At the stroke of midnight in the new year, the federal Environmental Protection Agency put a stop to the production or importation of the refrigerant... More>>

Article | December 20, 2019
World T.E.A.M.   

World T.E.A.M. (short for The Exceptional Athlete Matters) offers athletic events for citizens with and without disabilities. These include mountain... More>>

Article | December 20, 2019
New Decade, New Destinations   

The holidays are behind us and the new year (a whole new decade, in fact) is underway. Gyms are crowded, shopping malls are empty and it’s time for... More>>

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