Article | August 21, 2019
Unsafe Bleachers Creating Problems for Event Owners   

As high schools around the country prepare to kick off a new football season, some school districts are facing challenges posed by unsafe bleachers... More>>

Article | August 21, 2019
Little League World Series by the Numbers   

The Little League World Series, on now in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, has some impressive numbers. Eight international teams. An 85-pitch limit for... More>>

Article | August 21, 2019
Despite Travel Ban to Anti-LGBTQ States, Teams are Still Going There   

A California law banning taxpayer-financed travel to 10 states that discriminate against LGBTQ people hasn’t stopped college sports teams from... More>>

Article | August 21, 2019
Will Most Kids Really Stop Playing Sports by Age 11?   

A new survey shows most kids stop playing sports by age 11 – because it just isn’t fun any longer. But that doesn’t stop parents from spending... More>>

Article | August 21, 2019
Sports Participation Increasing Among Individuals with Disabilities   

A new study shows what disability advocates have been hoping for all along – that more than half of individuals with physical or developmental... More>>

Article | August 21, 2019
Social Media, Geotagging Spark Attendance Surges at National Parks   

One of the most traditional of recreation destinations — national parks — is receiving a boost from social media and geotagging. To handle the... More>>

Article | August 21, 2019
Does the Early Bird Kickoff Get the Ratings? PAC-12 Hopes So   

In an effort to maximize television exposure to East Coast college football fans — as well as alleviate a slate of games starting as late as 7:30... More>>

Article | August 21, 2019
Thinking of Bidding on an NCAA Championship? Time to Get Off the Bench   

Those cities whose sports commissions and CVBs have been considering bidding on NCAA championship events need to get off the bench. The bid... More>>

Article | August 21, 2019
Women's College Triathlon Close to Becoming an NCAA Championship Sport   

When USA Triathlon recently announced that Central College in Pella, Iowa, is the 31st school in the nation to add women’s triathlon as a varsity... More>>

Article | August 21, 2019
Can New Sub-Two-Hour Marathon Attempt Revive Interest in Distance Running?   

The sub-two-hour marathon – an attempt that came thisclose to succeeding two years ago, is back for another try this October. Can world marathon... More>>

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