Article | December 18, 2020
College Bowls at Low Ebb in Wake of COVID – What Can Be Done?   

The Hollywood title might be “The Incredible Shrinking College Bowl Season.” Only it might not be as much incredible as it is alarming. A total... More>>

Article | December 18, 2020
Shock Grand Slam: Baseball and Softball Make Esports a New Discipline   

Who says this is a dead time for baseball? The Great American Pastime just got its first updates in decades and one should raise eyebrows. The World... More>>

Article | December 17, 2020
NFHS: All States Expected to be Playing High School Sports in 2021   

The headline alone provides a much-needed shot of optimism. The National Federation of State High School Associations has stated, “With 2021 around... More>>

Article | December 16, 2020
Will Paris Olympics’ New Sport Help Games Break Away from Aging Audience?   

Break dancing in Paris? Oui. The new Olympic sport will make its debut at the 2024 Summer Games, where, the IOC hopes, it will bring in youth... More>>

Article | December 7, 2020
Open for Business and Up for Bids: Hype Nation, LLC   

Want to kick 2020 to the curb in a big way? (Realistically, who doesn’t?) There’s a new volleyball brand in town looking for great places to call... More>>

Article | December 7, 2020
The Evolution of Apps is Helping Live Sports Events Rebound   

Mobile app use has seen a drastic increase during the COVID pandemic, as businesses across every industry look for ways to connect with their... More>>

HS Soccer
Article | December 6, 2020
With Phoenix Stopping Tournaments, Event Owners Look to Texas, Florida   

Youth sports are starting to bear an eerie and unpleasant resemblance to a wagon train of settlers trying to find a decent place to live – but... More>>

Article | December 6, 2020
Back to the Stands   

What will it take to bring fans back to the stands – and for them to be comfortable enough to stay there? According to one expert, being safe... More>>

Article | December 6, 2020
News of Vaccine Brings Shot of Optimism to Sports Tourism Industry   

The biggest news so far, unseating even the election, was the announcement that two companies had a vaccine in the works that, if approved, could be... More>>

Article | December 6, 2020
HV GamerCon Finds Success with Varied Program, New Format   

"Pivot" is a word that has come into its own in 2020. And consequently, the organizers of events that can adapt to radically changed circumstances... More>>

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