Article | June 17, 2021
What Does the U.S. Stand to Gain by Hosting the Rugby World Cup?   

Rugby has been on the cusp of growth in the U.S., with the NCAA naming it an Emerging Sport for Women. Its popularity has been further spurred by its... More>>

Article | June 7, 2021
Inside Events: The Abu Garcia Bassmaster High School Combine   

Increasingly, colleges are offering the opportunity to compete on school-sponsored bass fishing teams. However, college coaches have traditionally... More>>

Article | June 6, 2021
Up for Bid: Move United’s National Adaptive Sports Competition   

Destinations that want to demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity need to know about this RFP! Move United, the leader in community adaptive... More>>

Article | June 6, 2021
Flag Football Makes Its Move Toward the Olympics   

We already know flag football is on the rise; in fact, next summer, it will make an appearance on the international multi-sport stage when it debuts... More>>

Article | June 5, 2021
A New World Cup Every Year? FIFA is Considering It   

A FIFA World Cup that would be held every two years, rather than every four? Soccer’s highest governing body is considering it. Ultimately, it... More>>

Article | June 5, 2021
Minor League Baseball Returns With New Ballparks, New Challenges   

Minor League Baseball might have been sidelined in 2020 but it took the field this spring, to the relief of communities who’d kept their teams,... More>>

Article | June 4, 2021
In Virginia Beach, Success Starts Indoors   

While it’s clear that many outdoor programs are meeting with success, Virginia Beach, even with its myriad oceanside attractions, has been... More>>

Article | June 4, 2021
As NFHS Takes Bigger Role in Lacrosse Rules, Will Girls Need Helmets?   

The rules they might be a’changin’. Beginning with the 2022-23 season, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), in... More>>

Article | June 4, 2021
5 Ways Software Elevates the Athlete Experience at Events   

There are many moving parts to running a successful sports event. Each touchpoint is an opportunity for a great experience to your attendees.... More>>

Article | June 4, 2021
The NYC Marathon Makes Its Big (Really Big!) Return in 2021   

If you’re going to celebrate your 50th anniversary, you might as well do it right. That was Manhattan’s theory, and as the New York City Marathon... More>>

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