Article | December 20, 2019
Varied Terrain and an Abundance of Sports   

From warm and sunny to ice-cold and ready for skiing, the wide range of conditions in the Northeast is conducive to an equally wide range of sports.... More>>

Article | December 19, 2019
The Brave New World of Esports   

Although esports is digitally based, physical space is needed to house in-person events, prompting a growing number of destinations to build... More>>

Article | December 18, 2019
Frozen Assets   

Winter sports organizers can find ice sheets everywhere these days, from venues near the frozen communities on the North Dakota-Minnesota border to... More>>

Article | December 18, 2019
Courting the Game   

March Madness is around the corner, high school basketball is peaking and with the 3-on-3 game making headway on the global stage, the sport is... More>>

Article | December 18, 2019
Rebranding: A Case Study   

Sports tourism has facilitated rebranding of communities nationwide. Some areas have used sports as a way to overcome economic distress while others... More>>

Article | December 18, 2019
No Bass Boat? No Problem   

Kayak fishing itself certainly isn’t new; it has been around for a long time. Right now, though, it’s exploding in popularity nationwide; in... More>>

Article | December 18, 2019
Are You Ready to Live Stream Your Events?   

At all levels of competition, sports bring people together. The desire for fans to feel involved in the excitement of amateur and youth sports is the... More>>

Article | December 18, 2019
Mastering the Basics of Tournament Insurance   

Securing insurance is an essential aspect of the sports event planning process. Unfortunately, because many people do not understand it, they’ll... More>>

Article | December 18, 2019
Designing Accessible Events to Welcome Everyone   

Most sports event owners have hosted competitions where individuals with disabilities are present. The most important question, however, becomes... More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
“Assault on Hometown Baseball” Panicking Cities   

Spring training for baseball starts soon but there may be fewer players at the Minor League level in years to come, thanks (or no thanks) to a... More>>

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