Article | January 20, 2021
Making Events Inclusive   

Sport has always been a driving force for change in terms of inclusion. That has been what Move United is focused on: showcasing the power of sport... More>>

Article | January 18, 2021
It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad March, and Indianapolis is Making it Happen   

Not too many people say no to hosting NCAA championships, particularly when that opportunity is any game in March Madness, much less the entire... More>>

Article | January 18, 2021
Could the USA Lose the 2028 Games? One IOC Member Says It’s Possible   

Could the U.S. lose the 2028 Olympics? One senior member of the IOC says it’s a possibility. For now, the IOC is focused on working with Tokyo to... More>>

Article | January 17, 2021
Unlimited Spectators Now Welcome at Iowa High School Sports   

There’s nothing like the roar of the home crowd – in Iowa, anyway, where the governor has lifted the mandate that capped spectator attendance at... More>>

Article | January 16, 2021
Stadiums and Ballparks Batting Cleanup as COVID-19 Vaccination Sites   

First, we saw stadiums and arenas being designated as places to host voting in the 2020 elections. Now, we see them repurposed again – as places to... More>>

Article | January 16, 2021
The Hottest Outdoor Sport is…Snowshoeing   

Remember how bicycling saw a huge uptick over the summer as people discovered the outdoors? Meet its winter counterpart. The US National Snowshoe... More>>

Article | January 15, 2021
Scoffing Tightened Restrictions, California Youth Football Hits the Field   

The long and winding road of youth sports in California – stretching all the way to Arizona, then Texas and Florida, as event owners scrambled to... More>>

Article | January 15, 2021
Report: Team Sports Participation Up in 2019, ‘Suffered Greatly’ in 2020   

In a good news/bad news announcement, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association ended 2020 by revealing that team sports participation reached 2.2... More>>

Article | January 14, 2021
In David vs. Goliath, It's David Leading the Youth Sports Comeback   

Remember the prediction that local tourism would be the first sector of the industry to rebound? It appears to be happening. Even more, it’s backed... More>>

Article | January 14, 2021
Inside Events: Four Square World Championships   

Four Square, the game found on playgrounds, has its own world championship and its own competitive following. It is one of the most easily set up... More>>

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