Article | October 17, 2018
As Hurricane Michael Moves Out, Community Organizations Rush to Help Florida’s Victims   

Multiple sports destinations in Florida and adjacent areas were affected by Hurricane Michael – and likely have had to cancel or reschedule events.... More>>

Article | October 17, 2018
Nearly Half of All States Introducing New Spin on Youth Football   

As fears regarding the safety of tackle football continue to mount, it’s no wonder some enterprising individuals have been brainstorming ways they... More>>

Article | October 17, 2018
Rash of Embezzlements Driving Push for Transparency in Youth Sports   

After a Little League administrator embezzled funds, a New Jersey lawmaker has initiated legislation designed to bring more transparency to youth... More>>

Article | October 17, 2018
Alaska High School Football Team Travels 1,650 for One Game   

There are home games, there are away games and then there are Alaska’s away games. A high school football team in the 49th state flew 24 hours and... More>>

Article | October 17, 2018
Catastrophic Injuries from Golf Balls Raising Concern Among Event Owners   

One of the hazards of golf tournaments has nothing to do with water or sand. Instead, it has to do with errant balls that strike spectators and even... More>>

Article | October 17, 2018
Massive Fastpitch Softball Complex Coming Together in Connecticut   

Softball season may be over for right now, but crews are hard at work creating a 21-acre fastpitch venue that is being billed as the largest of its... More>>

Article | October 17, 2018
Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires Bringing Glimpses of the Future of Sports   

The Youth Olympic Games are on in Buenos Aires and the stars you’ll likely see on the podium in Tokyo are out in full force. Event directors who... More>>

Article | October 17, 2018
Social Media Sharing Leading to Abuse of Outdoor Venues   

Social media has become the reality show for anyone not noteworthy enough to have a reality show – and it seems the outdoor sports world has become... More>>

Article | October 17, 2018
Baseball Postseason Play, eSports Style   

The National League, the American League – and the eSports league. It means baseball just found a way to monetize several things at once: teams... More>>

Article | October 17, 2018
Want Apparel that Resonates? Think Brand Names, Sustainability, Local Sources   

The T-shirt, that accepted (even expected) aspect of sports event swag, just got put on notice. Today’s athletes expect name brands. They may even... More>>

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