Article | January 12, 2021
NCAA Events Are Up for Bid: Get Back in the Game   

Want a quick and important bidding opportunity? Who doesn’t? How about one from the NCAA, to be hosted in spring of 2021? A number of events are... More>>

Article | January 20, 2021
Professional Bull Riders (PBR)   

Professional Bull Riiders have left behind their rodeo roots and are capitalizing on their discipline’s reputation as America’s original extreme... More>>

Article | January 20, 2021
Taking the Sports Hosting Game by Storm   

Sports history runs deep win the Northeast region. Dr. James Naismith invented basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891, and William Morgan... More>>

Article | January 20, 2021
More Than A Game: The Rise of Esports is Helping Destinations Score New Hosting Opportunities   

It is a great time to get into competitive video gaming. Global esports revenues (not counting broadcasting platform revenues) surpassed $1 billion... More>>

Article | January 20, 2021
Redesigning a Destination’s Website: A Case Study   

Back in the fall, launched its newly designed, content-focused website. The new site, which aligns with the destination’s... More>>

Article | January 20, 2021
Deep Freeze   

Right about now, indoor ice facilities around the country normally would be bursting with activity — hockey tournaments, figure skating... More>>

Article | January 20, 2021
Basketball’s Full-Court Press   

Basketball has always been one of the most popular sports for travel teams and rec play, with activity that spans all ages, both male and female. And... More>>

Article | January 20, 2021
SUP: The State of the Sport   

Paddle sports in general – kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding, also known as SUP, have been growing in popularity, both in... More>>

Article | January 20, 2021
Live Streaming Your Event: Now More Important Than Ever   

The growth in both the youth and amateur sports industries has created a great demand for remote access to sporting events, and COVID-19 has made it... More>>

Article | January 20, 2021
Event Insurance: Are You Covered?   

From general liability to business interruption and events cancellation, and even down to insuring player salaries, COVID-19 has thrown uncertainty... More>>

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