Article | April 12, 2021
Inside Events: USA Artistic Swimming   

This summer, artistic swimming will be among the featured sports at the Olympics. Team USA has medaled in the past, but its eight-person team... More>>

Article | April 12, 2021
Take That Fight Outside: Boxing, Wrestling and Martial Arts Forgo Indoor Venues   

Take it outside. That’s what wrestling, boxing and martial arts are doing. Stymied by restrictions on indoor sports and wanting to return to play,... More>>

Article | April 11, 2021
Outdoors and Uber-Competitive, Disc Golf is Flying High   

The pro disc golf circuit is off and running but even at the local level, the sport is exploding in popularity, fueled by a wish to get outdoors and... More>>

Article | April 11, 2021
HVAC Issues Could Sideline Sports Venues, Even as Restrictions Loosen   

Many states are beginning to loosen restrictions on sports and other types of indoor events, and facilities are more than ready. However, re-opening... More>>

Article | April 10, 2021
Up for Bid: WBSC World Cups in Baseball, Softball, Baseball5   

Fans are back. Baseball is back. Softball is back. You know who else is back? Any destination that gets to host one of the World Baseball Softball... More>>

Article | April 10, 2021
Rental Car Shortages Are an Effective (But Annoying) Indicator of Recovery   

Hand sanitizer and toilet paper shortages are so 2020. The new hot commodity is rental cars. Last year, rental car companies significantly downsized... More>>

Article | April 9, 2021
Running is Leading the Pack in the Comeback of Live Sports   

It appears running is leading the pack when it comes to the rebound of sports. According to internal data from an online race management platform,... More>>

Article | April 9, 2021
Vaccine Passports: Just Explanations, No Hype   

Travel is rebounding and with vaccines widely available, we can expect there to be more people flying – particularly since the CDC has given its... More>>

Article | April 8, 2021
Lacrosse Moving Toward a Spot in 2028 Olympic Program   

Lacrosse will take the international spotlight when Birmingham, Alabama hosts the 2022 World Games next summer. But there’s a lot more riding on... More>>

Article | April 8, 2021
Communities Say Benefits of Playing Youth Sports Outweigh Risks   

What hasn’t changed in the pandemic? Kids’ desire for sports (and their parents’ desire to see them playing). Now, as restrictions are being... More>>

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