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Article | November 9, 2021
Introducing the 2020 and 2021 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism Presented by Traveling Teams   

The rebound. We all waited for it, we all hoped for it, and now we all get to celebrate it. But what have we learned? One thing: The prognosticators... More>>

Article | December 2, 2021
Infrastructure Bill Could Complete East Coast Greenway   

The recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act includes increases in funding for greenways and active transportation infrastructure and... More>>

Article | November 29, 2021
Up for Bid: Two USA Gymnastics Events   

Gymnastics, one of the most-watched sports, is seeking solid landings for two of its events. The 2022 Rhythmic Development Championships and 2022 USA... More>>

Article | November 29, 2021
Ski Resorts Open Early, Providing a Great Omen for Winter Sports   

An early-season snowstorm in the Sierra Nevada moved up the opening date of ski resorts along the eastern edge of California, boding well for venue... More>>

Article | November 29, 2021
Out of the Shadows: New Golf Organization Taking Shape   

It’s coming. It’s not. It’s the Premier Golf League. The Super Golf League. It launches in 2022, 2023… well, you get the picture. But one of... More>>

Article | November 29, 2021
FIFA to Name World Cup Cities ... but When?   

Okay, FIFA. You’ve visited the cities, you’ve heard the pitches, you’ve been to the stadiums and in some cases, you’ve even been to games... More>>

Article | November 7, 2021
Up for Bid: Beach Volleyball World Championships in 2023, 2025 and 2027   

The beach is calling. Are you ready to answer? The FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships (2023, 2025, 2027) are up for bid and those interested... More>>

Article | November 5, 2021
Youth Sports Are Back. Officials Are Not.   

Sports are back. Officials aren’t. And while the shortage of referees, judges and officiants isn’t exactly new, it has reached crisis proportions... More>>

Article | November 5, 2021
Inside Events: Main Attraction Recreational Sports (MARS)   

Adult kickball tournaments? Get ready to meet the Turf Wars, put on by Main Attraction Recreational Sports (MARS). By tapping into the great memories... More>>

Article | November 4, 2021
A New Sport Nobody Wants: Illegal Street Racing   

Life imitating art? The Fast & Furious 9, released early last summer and the first Hollywood movie to gross more than $700 million since March of... More>>

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