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Article | May 12, 2021
Hot Rods   

Fishing exploded in popularity in 2020 and continues to grow. With tournaments in trophy species from marlin to catfish to bass, and panfish like... More>>

Article | May 12, 2021
Swinging for the Fences   

Baseball returns to the Olympics in 2021 but top of mind for travel sports professionals is its return to the diamonds of the U.S. This summer, it... More>>

Article | May 12, 2021
Multisport in 2021 and Beyond   

USA Triathlon met the pandemic head-on, encouraging athletes to get out and train. Back on track and with a sellout, here are their insights. More>>

Article | May 12, 2021
Investing in Career Development for Employees   

Career development is a generic term but when applied to the sports event planning market, it becomes more specific. Here are some options. More>>

Article | May 12, 2021
5 Keys to Securing Sponsorships   

In the world of youth and amateur sports, opportunities in sponsorships and partnerships extend beyond a local sponsor logo on a jersey into the... More>>

Article | May 9, 2021
Up for Bid: The CrossFit Games   

What event offers high visibility with a minimum of venue investment, creates excellent community engagement with multiple ancillary activities –... More>>

Article | May 9, 2021
“It’s Poolmageddon:” Now in Short Supply, Chlorine is the New Toilet Paper   

Chlorine is the new toilet paper. Whereas last year, we had the panic purchasing of bathroom tissue and hand sanitizer, this summer’s hot commodity... More>>

Article | May 9, 2021
Pro Venues Finding New Ways to Increase Spectator Capacity   

As 2020 recedes in the rear-view mirror, pro sports are working out ways to increase their spectator capacity this summer. From socially distanced... More>>

Article | May 9, 2021
The Upstart PGL Wants to Kick Off in 2022 But Will Destinations Host It?   

Despite objections from the PGA and the distraction of 2020 as a whole, the Premier Golf League has reared its head again. And it’s offering some... More>>

Article | May 8, 2021
First Weight Classes Approved for Girls’ Wrestling as Sport Gains Momentum   

Want proof of the growth of girls’ wrestling at the youth level? The Wrestling Rules Committee of the National Federation of State High School... More>>

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