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Article | May 17, 2017
Visa Program Covering Workers at Sports Venues Comes into Question: What Event Owners May Need to Know   

Much coverage is given to sports venue safety, but a separate issue entirely could cause significant upheaval in the industry. Problems with a visa... More>>

Article | May 17, 2017
The Indy 500: Speeds Nearing 200 mph Aren’t Even the Most Impressive Numbers   

For motorsports fans, the Indianapolis 500 is as much a part of the kickoff to summer as the cookout. And while the 102nd waving of the checkered... More>>

Article | May 3, 2017
The 2017 NFL Draft by the Numbers   

Philadelphia hosted the 2017 NFL Draft. It was the city's third epic party in 18 months, since the City of Brotherly Love also hosted Pope Francis in... More>>

Article | May 3, 2017
2018 World Cup Venues Already Experiencing Problems   

Remember the Winter Olympics in 2014, when journalists wrote home about Sochi’s incomplete hotel rooms and unfinished venues? It’s now the 2018... More>>

Article | May 3, 2017
Travel Channel Names 15 Bucket-List Destinations for Football Fans   

Baseball season is in full swing, as is Stanley Cup play, but that hasn’t stopped a new list from circulating, featuring 15 bucket-list... More>>

Article | May 3, 2017
By the Numbers: The 2017 Kentucky Derby   

An overwhelming percentage of fans waits for those magic words, “…and they’re off!” (and the nutty, screaming, nail-biting two minutes that... More>>

Article | May 3, 2017
eSports: The Next Medal Event in the Games?   

The debate of what constitutes a sport probably goes back to the first Olympic Games. Fast-forward to today and you’ll hear the same arguments. The... More>>

Article | May 3, 2017
Inside Events: Women’s Flat Track Derby Association   

With nearly 450 leagues nationally (and worldwide growth), roller derby is climbing in popularity and recognition. The Women’s Flat Track Derby... More>>

Article | April 19, 2017
National Park Week Celebrates 101st Year   

Here we are in the middle of National Park Week and celebrating more than 100 years of protecting and preserving the nation’s parks and monuments.... More>>

Article | April 19, 2017
Arkansas and Tennessee Grapple with Concept of Guns in Sports Facilities   

Here’s an issue with guaranteed controversy potential. Off-duty police officers and sheriff’s deputies in Tennessee would be allowed to carry... More>>

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