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Article | September 4, 2021
Fluid Dynamics   

Waterfronts across the U.S. are seeing plenty of action ranging from kayaking, rowing and dragon boat racing to waterskiing, triathlon, pro... More>>

Article | September 4, 2021
New Homes for Visiting Teams   

The year 2020 pushed us outside our comfort zone, including making us rethink our choice of locations for events. The good news is that there are... More>>

Article | September 4, 2021
Executive Insights: NJCAA’s Beach Volleyball Program   

Beach volleyball, the fastest-growing discipline of the sport, is exploding at the collegiate level. The NJCAA adopted it as a full-time varsity... More>>

Article | September 4, 2021
Facility Vendor Negotiations 101   

Many approach negotiations with dread. This can be especially true during facility vendor negotiations where host cities, clients and facilities each... More>>

Article | August 28, 2021
Playing it Safe: Choosing a Lightning Detection System for Outdoor Venues   

Thunderstorms (and as a result, lightning flashes) are certainly a known factor in the planning of any outdoor sports event. But we’ve come a long... More>>

Article | August 27, 2021
Triple Play: Horse Racing’s Triple Crown Venues All Bracing for Renovation   

The signature drinks. The hats. The horses. The apparently overwhelming need for renovation. For likely the first time in history, all three venues... More>>

Article | August 24, 2021
Field of Dreams Games Creates Grand Slam Impact in Dyersville   

Field of Dreams is getting a sequel but not in Hollywood - in Dyersville, Iowa. The big game between the Yankees and the White Sox hit it out of the... More>>

Article | August 24, 2021
Youth Sports Breaking Records as Kids Charge Back Onto Playing Fields   

Here’s some welcome news: Registration numbers for fall youth sports programs are breaking all records. It’s a combination of pent-up demand and... More>>

Article | August 24, 2021
Bitcoin of the Realm: College Stadium Gets Cryptocurrency Sponsor   

There hasn’t been this much excitement around naming rights since bidet brand TUSHY wanted to sponsor a Toilet Bowl at the Buffalo Bills stadium.... More>>

Article | August 24, 2021
Up for Bid: Three NAIA Championships   

Who’s ready to take a great big running leap right back into the bidding and hosting pool? NAIA has three (count ‘em: three!) RFPs open now.... More>>

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