Article | October 16, 2019
Gruesome Injury Leads Community to Examine Cause/Effect in Youth Sports   

While we all hope those freakish and gruesomely newsworthy injuries won’t happen at our games, they occasionally do. A three-sport athlete in... More>>

Article | October 16, 2019
National, World Titles on the Line in Wife Carrying and Outhouse Racing   

You thought Wiffle ball championships were novel? That’s pretty tame when you realize there are titles on the line for wife carrying and outhouse... More>>

Article | October 16, 2019
High School Sports Fans Behaving Badly – and They’re Not All Students   

Fan behavior at high school games has reached a flash point and students aren’t the only ones at fault. In fact, parent misbehavior is being cited... More>>

Article | October 16, 2019
The Food Fight is On in Dallas – What Does It Take to Be at the Table?   

There’s a food fight going on and Dallas is in the teeth of it. The World Food Championships, the largest competition in food sport (yes, that's a... More>>

Article | October 16, 2019
One Year Out, REAL ID Act Already Presenting Real Problems for Sports   

Sometimes, it’s INH2MS (It’ll Never Happen to Me Syndrome). Sometimes, it’s a lack of basic awareness. But less than a year away from the... More>>

Article | October 16, 2019
Costumes, Candy and Cash: Halloween Events Bringing Economic Impact   

Halloween lands on a Thursday this year. For kids, it’s a school night and that's a grave problem (see what we did there?) but for sports planners,... More>>

Article | October 16, 2019
Could Sports Tourism Help Save the Preakness?   

It’s moving. It’s staying. It’s being cancelled. The middle jewel in thoroughbred racing’s Triple Crown has been the subject of much debate,... More>>

Article | October 16, 2019
Inside Events: The National Small College Rugby Organization   

Rugby is a sport that is gaining prominence at both the collegiate and club level. One of its drivers is the National Small College Rugby... More>>

News | October 16, 2019
ZOOMA Announces Details of Upcoming Race Season   

ZOOMA Women’s Race Series, known for stunning race medals and fun races in beautiful places, kicks off its 2019-2020 running season. More>>

News | October 16, 2019
Fayetteville Announces Success with Top Gun Event   

Fayetteville and Top Gun Sports have been partnering on more than two dozen youth baseball and softball events. More>>

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