Article | August 7, 2019
Travel Ball at Fault for Little League's Decline?   

Worldwide participation in Little League has been dropping steadily for at least 25 years, and many are casting travel ball as the villain of the... More>>

Article | August 7, 2019
The Rise of AI in Youth Sports Industry   

Who’s one of the most valuable players in youth sports? Artificial intelligence. AI is infiltrating the industry quickly with connected coverage of... More>>

Article | August 7, 2019
Gang Violence Cited in Pool and Park Closings   

It’s a sad state of affairs: sports facilities where people go to have kids escape from danger are still prone to them. Gang violence and shootings... More>>

Article | August 7, 2019
USOC Pressures Park District to Rename ‘Olympic’ Pool   

Bad news: If your sports venue or event uses the name, ‘Olympic’ and you don't have express permission, you could be hearing from the U.S.... More>>

Article | August 7, 2019
Clear-Bag Fan Policies Find Their Way to High School Sports   

Last fall, high schools in Florida took the unprecedented security step of banning students from bringing backpacks into gymnasiums, into stadiums... More>>

Article | August 7, 2019
Shifting Travel Priorities: What Event Owners Need to Know   

Fashion says white is the new black. Senior games enthusiasts say 60 is the new 30. And according to a study of travelers, security is the new... More>>

Article | August 7, 2019
Synthetic Sports Fields Not a Significant Danger, Says EPA Report   

Those who want to blame synthetic fields for the evils of the world are going to be disappointed, according to the EPA. Late last week, the agency... More>>

Article | August 7, 2019
With New Injury Study, the Issue of Women’s Lacrosse Helmets Rears its Head   

While everyone agrees helmets prevent injury, the chance of them becoming a requirement in girls’ and women’s lacrosse remains remote. Can a new... More>>

Article | August 7, 2019
New Report Provides Template for Building the Perfect Esports Arena   

In the arms race to build the best inventory of sports venues, cities with purpose-built esports facilities are marketing themselves as having an... More>>

Article | August 7, 2019
In Fortnite World Cup, Esports Puts Money Where its Mouse Is   

Esports is a force to be reckoned with. At the end of July, the fledgling sport put its money where its mouth (mouse?) was and proved doubters wrong.... More>>

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