Article | June 12, 2019
Inside Events: Kayak Bass Fishing   

Kayak Bass Fishing represents the fastest-growing segment of the angling market. With lower barriers to entry and ease of access to fishing venues,... More>>

Article | June 12, 2019
Sports, Concussion, Repeat: Researchers See Troubling Pattern   

Concussions as a repeated injury? Apparently so. A new study indicates that one in six children who has suffered one concussion will go on to repeat... More>>

Article | June 12, 2019
Archdiocese of Detroit Ending Sports on Sundays   

Never on a Sunday? At least not in Detroit, Michigan. The Archdiocese of Detroit is ending the practice of athletic events affiliated with the... More>>

Article | June 12, 2019
Cardiac Events Most Common Cause of Sudden Death in Young Athletes   

Ask anyone about injuries in sports and they’ll talk about concussions. But ask anyone about sudden deaths and there’s silence. As it turns out,... More>>

Article | June 12, 2019
Universities Boost Alcohol Availability at Games   

In an effort to boost revenues and enhance the fan experience, more college and university athletic programs are expanding alcohol sales. Within the... More>>

Article | June 12, 2019
How Much Does It Cost Big Ten Athletic Programs to Travel?   

The school year has come to a close which means athletic programs can take a (very brief) break from paying for student athlete travel. And make no... More>>

Article | June 12, 2019
Study Demonstrates Positive Impact of Youth Sports on Mental Health   

As if there weren’t already plenty of reasons to support youth participation in sports programming, medical science is bringing us one more. A new... More>>

Article | June 12, 2019
Pre-Olympics Bounce Hits China    

A winter sports flash mob? A sudden uptick in interest in ice and snow events? It’s all a documented part of what is becoming known as the... More>>

Article | June 12, 2019
San Diego Washes Out as Host of World Beach Games   

Was it something in the water? More like something in the bottom line. The World Beach Games, scheduled for October 2019, have been abruptly yanked... More>>

Article | June 12, 2019
Expected Cost of L.A. Olympics Skyrockets to Nearly $7 Billion   

Being the host of the Olympics is going to be expensive. Los Angeles won’t have the Games until 2028, but organizers already are predicting... More>>

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