Article | July 18, 2020
Open for Business and Up for Bid: NAIA Men’s Lacrosse Invitational   

Hope for the future is as close as your next e-mail. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics is requesting bids from interested cities... More>>

Article | July 18, 2020
Inside Events: The North American SCRABBLE Players Association   

Among mind sports, SCRABBLE is one of the most perennially popular. The North American SCRABBLE Players Association supports the community of... More>>

Article | July 17, 2020
Will Sports Commissions and CVBs Ever Secure PPP Funding?   

The fight continues in Washington to get PPP loans for sports commissions and CVBs. Last week, USTA submitted to Congress and the administration its... More>>

Article | July 17, 2020
Parents Pushing for Tournaments with Streaming in Order to Reach Colleges   

With high school sports shut down and many showcase events cancelled, parents are panicking about their children’s inability to obtain an athletic... More>>

News | July 17, 2020
Sunshine State Games Announces Virtual Baton Twirling Championship   

In 2020, the Sunshine State Games adapted to the COVID-19 crisis and is keeping athletes safe as the Baton Twirling event goes virtual. More>>

News | July 17, 2020
USL League One Announces Its Return to Play   

The regular season will be played over a single-table format, set to kick off on Saturday, July 18 and conclude on Saturday, October 24th. More>>

News | July 17, 2020
PGA TOUR Provides Details of PGA TOUR University   

The PGA TOUR detailed its program designed to reward elite collegiate play with access to tours under the PGA TOUR umbrella. More>>

News | July 17, 2020
Rocky Mountain State Games Announces Summer Sports   

The Rocky Mountain State Games events are still taking place with the following sports scheduled over the next several weeks. More>>

Esports Arena
Article | July 16, 2020
Esports Venue Construction Providing a Glimpse into the Post-COVID Future   

Who’s competing now? Well, outside of scientists going head to head to create a vaccine, the real growth market in competition currently is (no... More>>

Article | July 16, 2020
Game On for Youth Sports as Summer Tournaments Begin   

The youth sports scene doesn’t just have signs of life, it has some great case studies of success. You just need to know where to look. Across... More>>

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