Article | May 29, 2019
American Axes Excess Fees for Oversize Equipment Amid Requests from Athletes   

Good news for owners of sports events where athletes commonly carry large and awkwardly-shaped equipment: American Airlines just eliminated its... More>>

Article | May 29, 2019
Illinois Implementing Background Checks for High School Officials   

Finding enough referees and umpires for high school sporting events is a challenging task for athletics administrators and in Illinois, it just got... More>>

Article | May 29, 2019
Cornhole's Meteoric Rise Has Leaders Thinking the Olympic Podium's the Limit   

Cornhole, the ultimate tailgate sport (hey, you can play it with a drink in one hand), would like to be considered for Olympic inclusion. And even if... More>>

Article | May 29, 2019
Dallas CVB, Other Groups Oppose Bill That Would Discriminate Based on Religious Beliefs   

Following its bout with a so-called ‘bathroom bill,’ Texas is back in a less than flattering spotlight. Now, state lawmakers are seeking to allow... More>>

Article | May 29, 2019
NCAA Passes on Esports - Gamers Relieved   

It might be a first. NCAA passed up an opportunity to oversee the championships of a fast-growing and big-money collegiate sport. In fact, it opted... More>>

Article | May 29, 2019
New Report Details Archery’s Growth, Cites Influencers for Event Owners   

Lord of the Rings. The Hunger Games. The Avengers. Game of Thrones. We’ve seen some impressive archery in the media and its impact is reverberating... More>>

Article | May 29, 2019
Will a Decrease of Major Golf Events at Municipal Courses Bring Change?   

A distinct dip in the number of high-profile golf tournaments being on public courses has caught the attention of analysts. Possible causes of this... More>>

Article | May 29, 2019
FEI Launches Fantasy Game in Attempt to Attract New Viewers   

Well, that’s a horse of a different color. Into the arena of fantasy baseball, fantasy football and fantasy college basketball comes fantasy horse... More>>

Article | May 29, 2019
Parents Putting Off Retirement to Pay for Kids’ Sports   

With the idea that their children will one day get an athletic scholarship to college or wind up on the Olympic podium, parents are spending more... More>>

| May 28, 2019
Following Lawsuit, CrossFit Lifts Rule Mandating Reebok Footwear   

Following a lawsuit, CrossFit has lifted a rule barring athletes from wearing footwear other than Reebok when competing in the CrossFit Games. More>>

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