| December 11, 2019
Loudoun County Sports Venue Receives National Recognition   

One of Loudoun’s premier sports complexes received national recognition last week from the Senior Softball-USA organization. More>>

| December 11, 2019
Visit Bentonville Announces New Sports Sales Manager   

Chad Musteen, a University of Arkansas graduate and former college baseball player, has joined the Bentonville team as Sports Sales Manager. More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
“Assault on Hometown Baseball” Panicking Cities   

Spring training for baseball starts soon but there may be fewer players at the Minor League level in years to come, thanks (or no thanks) to a... More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
Say Yes to the Yeti: Mystery-Monster a Trend on 2020 Calendar   

Last summer’s Internet phenomenon to Storm Area 51 turned out to be a big bust but organizers learned something: people are interested in mythical... More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
Iowa City Closes Parks So Sharpshooters Can Target High Deer Population   

Well, this is a new one. Eight public parks in Iowa City are closed most of December while sharpshooters work to reduce an enormously overburdened... More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
IOC Pulling No Punches in Attempting to Clean Up Boxing   

The sport of boxing has been busy trying to clean up its act over the last few months. The 36 judges and referees who officiated matches in Rio were... More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
Want Conclusive Answers on Concussions? There Aren't Any   

If you’re looking for definitive guidance on concussions in kids, you’re going to be out of luck for now. Questions on how many concussions are... More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
Pennsylvania Bill Aims to Reduce Youth Sudden Cardiac Arrest   

Reports that cardiac events are the most common cause of death in youth athletes didn’t go unnoticed. A bill moving through the Pennsylvania... More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
Snow Sports Seeking to Attract 100,000 New Participants by 2028   

Following in the footsteps of fishing, hunting and other outdoor pursuits, snow sports have created a participation initiative to attract a new... More>>

Article | December 11, 2019
Marketing 2020 Events to Seniors Can Pay Long-Term Dividends   

With the new year only three weeks away, it’s time to harness the power of the fitness resolution to boost registration in sports events. One of... More>>

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