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Author | December 18, 2019
Dan Rowe   

Dan Rowe is the president and CEO of the Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) and executive director of the Bay County Tourist... More>>

Author | December 18, 2019
Chad Hoover   

Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) founder and president Chad Hoover discovered kayak fishing upon his retirement after 20 years of active duty service in the... More>>

Author | December 18, 2019
Jeremy Waller   

Jeremy Waller is the Vice President of Business Development for Sports Channel Media, Inc. With more than 10 years’ experience in youth travel... More>>

Author | November 1, 2019
Andy Lee   

Andy Lee is in charge of USA Ultimate’s marketing, communications and brand. He previously served in a similar capacity for USA Cycling (2003-08)... More>>

Author | October 31, 2019
Katie Langland   

Katie Langland is the business development manager at Minneapolis Northwest Tourism and has more than five years of experience with local convention... More>>

Author | October 30, 2019
Keith Noll   

Keith Noll is the national chair of both AAU’s football program and is also the national chair of AAU’s hockey program. He is a Life Member of... More>>

Author | September 4, 2019
Shane Facteau   

Shane Facteau, Chief Operations Officer of The IRONMAN Group, has been involved with IRONMAN events for 20 years. He joined The IRONMAN Group, owner... More>>

Author | August 27, 2019
J.D. Wood   

J.D. Wood is the general manager of the Panama City Beach Sports Complex and a member of the Sport Facilities Management team. He is responsbile... More>>

Author | August 27, 2019
Kevin Handerson   

Kevin Handerson, who authored the article on event security, has extensive security industry experience, including leadership roles at both security... More>>

Author | June 27, 2019
Sarah Woolsey   

Sarah Woolsey, Executive Director of US Quidditch since 2016, oversees the league’s operations, programs and staff and is also responsible for... More>>

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