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Cindy Cantrell

Cindy Cantrell

Cindy Cantrell is an award-winning journalist who has been a correspondent with the Boston Globe since 1993. Earlier in her career, as an editor for H.O. Zimman, Inc., she wrote and edited books, magazines and programs for sports clients and associated events, including the US Open. She is a contributing editor for Racquet Sports Industry Magazine, a business to business publication, and has served as a communications consultant for nonprofit, health care, education and high-tech clients.

Article | June 25, 2021
Warm Weather, Fine Facilities and Superior Sports   

By: Cindy Cantrell

The Southeastern region beckons with its agreeable year-round climate, rich history and idyllic natural beauty providing respite and rejuvenation. It...more >>

Article | May 12, 2021
Affordable, Attractive and Accessible, the Mid-Atlantic Wins the Hosting Game   

By: Cindy Cantrell

The Mid-Atlantic region invites visitors to explore its rich history, vibrant downtowns, arts and culture, family-friendly attractions and natural...more >>

Article | February 26, 2021
Mountain Highs   

By: Cindy Cantrell

The country’s mountainous region offers world-class terrain is ideal for skiing, climbing, trail running, mountain biking and more – as long as...more >>

Article | January 20, 2021
Taking the Sports Hosting Game by Storm   

By: Cindy Cantrell

Sports history runs deep win the Northeast region. Dr. James Naismith invented basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891, and William Morgan...more >>

Article | November 2, 2020
In the Heartland, Sports Thrive   

By: Cindy Cantrell

Sports loyalty runs deep in the Midwest, where professional and college teams are considered family. The Heartland is also known for friendliness,...more >>

Article | September 1, 2020
West by Southwest   

By: Cindy Cantrell

Spanning the Southwest and Pacific regions, the states of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Wyoming share majestic natural beauty, rich...more >>

Article | July 1, 2020
Teeming with Variety, Ready for Teams   

By: Cindy Cantrell

The Southeastern region is a sports mecca, with teams and fans alike drawn to its year-round sunshine and mild winters. Proximity to both sandy...more >>

Article | May 21, 2020
On the Coast and in the Game   

By: Cindy Cantrell

The Mid-Atlantic region is a melting pot of large cities, rich history, diverse cultures, bustling seaside boardwalks, rolling countryside and...more >>

Article | March 6, 2020
Mountain Home for Sports   

By: Cindy Cantrell

With its soaring peaks, desert lands and rolling plains, the mountain region features the most diverse geography of any area in the U.S. Sports event...more >>

Article | December 20, 2019
Varied Terrain and an Abundance of Sports   

By: Cindy Cantrell

From warm and sunny to ice-cold and ready for skiing, the wide range of conditions in the Northeast is conducive to an equally wide range of sports....more >>


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