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Author | October 30, 2019
Keith Noll   

Keith Noll is the national chair of both AAU’s football program and is also the national chair of AAU’s hockey program. He is a Life Member of... More>>

Author | September 4, 2019
Shane Facteau   

Shane Facteau, Chief Operations Officer of The IRONMAN Group, has been involved with IRONMAN events for 20 years. He joined The IRONMAN Group, owner... More>>

Author | August 27, 2019
J.D. Wood   

J.D. Wood is the general manager of the Panama City Beach Sports Complex and a member of the Sport Facilities Management team. He is responsbile... More>>

Author | August 27, 2019
Kevin Handerson   

Kevin Handerson, who authored the article on event security, has extensive security industry experience, including leadership roles at both security... More>>

Author | June 27, 2019
Sarah Woolsey   

Sarah Woolsey, Executive Director of US Quidditch since 2016, oversees the league’s operations, programs and staff and is also responsible for... More>>

Author | June 26, 2019
Michelle Russ, CSEE   

Michelle Russ, CSEE, is director of sales for the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Sports Commission. She joined the CVB in 2000 and moved to the sports... More>>

Author | June 26, 2019
Lauri Harris   

Lauri Harris, executive director of USA Cheer, has over 30 years of cheerleading experience.  After graduating from Sacramento State University... More>>

Author | June 26, 2019
Nic Collins   

Nic Collins is the Vice President/COO of HBC Event Services. He has been involved in all aspects and management of the company for the last eight... More>>

Author | April 25, 2019
Stephen A. Hamblin   

Stephen A. Hamblin has been Executive Director of the American Junior Golf Association for 35 years. Under his direction, the AJGA has grown from 13... More>>

Author | April 24, 2019
Judy Leand   

Judy Leand is an internationally published writer, editor, manager and consultant with 25 years of experience in the outdoor and sporting goods... More>>

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