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Article | November 14, 2018
In a Surprise Honor, L.A. Will Host the World Urban Games Next Year   

The next Olympics there may be a decade out but Los Angeles is getting a warm-up. The city has been named to host the first two editions of the World... More>>

Article | November 14, 2018
Change Starts at the Bottom: New NFHS Criteria for College Basketball Selection Events   

Can change at the high school recruitment level mean change at the NCAA level? The wheels are in motion. The National Federation of State High School... More>>

Article | November 14, 2018
Should U.S. Soccer Diversify Venue Selection for the Men’s National Team?   

U.S. Soccer needs to start thinking outside the box – or at least outside its traditional map – if it wants to get more in-person spectators. In... More>>

Article | November 14, 2018
Youth Sports Struggles with Declining Participation, Increasing Costs, Bad Coaches   

What’s wrong with youth sports? Plenty, if you believe a recent report released by a Washington, DC, think tank. But there’s some good news as... More>>

Article | November 14, 2018
Varsity Letters Now Include BBQ   

Where there’s smoke, there’s high school barbecue teams. Varsity barbecue is a reality and while it’s an exaggeration to say the trend is... More>>

Article | November 9, 2018
Football: What’s Happening on the Field?   

Football will always be one of the most popular sports offered for kids. It’s a traditional school sport at all ages, and let’s face it, it’s... More>>

Article | October 31, 2018
Against All Odds, World Beach Games Begins One-Year Countdown   

The World Beach Games organizers are ready to kick sand in doubters’ faces. Having started the one-year countdown until the event take place in San... More>>

Article | October 17, 2018
Nearly Half of All States Introducing New Spin on Youth Football   

As fears regarding the safety of tackle football continue to mount, it’s no wonder some enterprising individuals have been brainstorming ways they... More>>

Article | October 17, 2018
Rash of Embezzlements Driving Push for Transparency in Youth Sports   

After a Little League administrator embezzled funds, a New Jersey lawmaker has initiated legislation designed to bring more transparency to youth... More>>

Article | October 17, 2018
Alaska High School Football Team Travels 1,650 for One Game   

There are home games, there are away games and then there are Alaska’s away games. A high school football team in the 49th state flew 24 hours and... More>>

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