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Article | November 1, 2019
Introducing the 2019 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism   

The legendary coach, Pat Summitt, said it best: “Teamwork is what makes common people capable of uncommon results.” Meet this year’s award... More>>

Article | November 1, 2019
In the Heartland, Ready to Host   

The Midwest has long been favored by residents and tourists alike for its diverse geography, affordability and friendly residents. America’s... More>>

Article | November 1, 2019
Bump, Set, Spike   

Whether it plays out on the sand, on the grass or in a gym, volleyball is one of the most popular youth travel sports. And while its main demographic... More>>

Article | October 30, 2019
Football: What’s Happening on the Field and Behind the Scenes   

Much has been written about football and most recently, that coverage has been all about whether it’s growing and whether it’s safe. Keith Noll,... More>>

Article | October 30, 2019
PSA Paints Football as Being as Dangerous to Kids as Letting them Smoke   

A public service announcement, aimed at keeping youth athletes out of tackle football, compares the sport to encouraging children to smoke. Not to be... More>>

Article | October 30, 2019
USA Football Announces Inaugural National Flag Football Championship in 2020   

At almost the same time a pubic service announcement was equating youth tackle football with encouraging children to smoke cigarettes, USA Football... More>>

Article | October 30, 2019
High Schools Saving Football with Eight-Player Teams, Leagues   

While the doom and gloom report in early September of the decline in 11-player football had a lot of event owners concerned, there is actually a... More>>

Article | October 30, 2019
U.S. Back at the Bidding Table for Another Global Multi-Sport Event   

Long before the lights go on in L.A. to host the Olympics, the U.S. is hoping it’ll have another big international event under its belt. The World... More>>

Article | October 30, 2019
When Colleges Start Co-Opting Friday Night Lights, High Schools Fight Back   

Really, college football? The National Federation of State High School Associations can pretty much be heard grinding its teeth over statistics on... More>>

Article | October 30, 2019
Inside Events: U.S. Youth Cricket Association   

Growing a sport usually means starting at the youth level. U.S. Youth Cricket Association is doing just that. In addition to organizing two annual... More>>

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