Multi Sport Games Articles

Article | September 12, 2020
As NCAA Continues to Ignore Esports, Other Organizations Forge Ahead   

While NCAA dithers about whether or not to recognize esports, other collegiate organizations are forging ahead. The National Junior College Athletic... More>>

Article | September 11, 2020
Challenge Daytona Kicking Sand in COVID’s Face with Family-Friendly Event   

Over in Daytona Beach, they’re planning to kick some sand in COVID’s face with a family-friendly and spectator-welcoming festival of sports that... More>>

Article | September 9, 2020
NCAA Still on Track to Announce Championship Host Sites in October   

The news appeared a year ago: NCAA was putting out its RFPs for championships for multiple sports, to be hosted between the 2022-23 and 2025-26... More>>

Article | September 1, 2020
BMX: Back on Track and Moving Ahead   

Like all other sports, BMX has been drastically affected by COVID-19. However, what sets BMX apart from other sports has been the ability to quickly... More>>

Article | September 1, 2020
Building Your Event Calendar During Difficult Times   

To say that COVID-19 has had a big impact on sports tourism is an understatement. You may have put the pause button on business development... More>>

Article | August 15, 2020
Flying High in Participation, Cornhole One of the First Travel Sports to Rebound   

The American Cornhole Association calls it “America’s favorite tailgate party game,” the American Cornhole League has its eyes on the Olympics,... More>>

Article | August 14, 2020
Junior Olympic Games Find Summertime Success   

AAU’s secret sauce is clearly a winning recipe. For the second time in less than a month, the organization has pulled off a large youth event with... More>>

Article | August 14, 2020
Event Live Streams Go Beyond Widening Audiences to Increasing Marketability of Tournaments   

What is the most obvious takeaway from the return of Major League Baseball? People were more than ready to watch it. In fact, there has been a record... More>>

Article | August 14, 2020
Esports Playing a Big Role in Return of Live Events   

We already know that esports is the new frontier of sports. Not just that but it’s flourishing and evolving rapidly. And the same force that drove... More>>

Article | August 2, 2020
On Anniversary of 1980 Olympics, Time to Reflect on Effect of Boycott   

Exactly 40 years ago, the U.S., in protest of Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan, did not send Team USA to the Olympics in Moscow. Other nations... More>>

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