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Article | September 19, 2018
Can a Pro eSports League Help the Move toward the Olympics – or is it a False Start?   

No magic. No shooting. Oh, and it needs to be based on real sports. Those have been the ground rules the IOC has laid before it will consider... More>>

Article | September 19, 2018
Para-Beach Volleyball Could be Next Big Wave in Adaptive Sports   

The next big wave in the para-sport sector – and something event owners need to be ready for – is para-beach volleyball. And as its organizers... More>>

Article | September 14, 2018

Spartan is the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand. The Spartan brand includes race events, training and nutrition programs and... More>>

Article | September 14, 2018
In the Water Business   

Swimming pools are awesome and you can host a lot of sporting events in them. But with so much water out there — in rivers, lakes and oceans —... More>>

Article | September 14, 2018
Swinging Into Action   

Softball has had some swings and misses lately, having been dropped from the Olympics for 2012 and 2016. Now, though, with the sport reinstated in... More>>

Article | September 13, 2018
Outstanding Facilities: No Matter Where it Plays Out, the Venues are in Here   

No matter what they’re looking for – diamonds, courts, rinks, fields, tracks, trails or anything else – all planners have one thing in common:... More>>

Article | September 5, 2018
Inside Sports Camps for Young Athletes with Physical Challenges   

Camps and combines are hardly big news but when it comes to young adults with physical challenges, they are a growing market. And as they continue to... More>>

Article | September 5, 2018
Inside Events: USA Obstacle Course Racing   

USA Obstacle Racing, the national governing body for obstacle sports, exists to promote the sport of OCR nationwide. Meet the staff, its goals and... More>>

Article | August 22, 2018
Sports Teams Acknowledging Fan Needs with Sensory-Inclusive Initiatives   

When the NBA’s 2018 preseason schedule tips off next month, at least 19 of the league’s 29 arenas will offer sensory-friendly spaces that will... More>>

Article | August 22, 2018
Boules vs. Darts: Which Sport Deserves Olympic Recognition in 2024?   

In its next major decision, the International Olympic Committee will choose between adding darts (yes, the game you see in pubs and basements) or... More>>

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