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Growing the Sport of Triathlon

While 2021 saw a welcome return to racing, 2022 brings further momentum in the growth of the sport of triathlon across the U.S. In addition to investi...

3x3 basketball

3x3 in the USA

One of the new Olympic disciplines, 3x3 basketball (where the U.S. Women's Team won gold), emerged as the breakout star among TV viewers. It’s fast-pa...

Kayak Bass Fishing

Blowing 2020 Out of the Water

While the pandemic did nobody any favors, it moved a lot of people out of the confines of their homes and offices, and into the outdoors. At Kayak Bas...

Flag Football

Flag Football: The Next Big Growth Sector

One of the fastest-rising sports of our time is flag football. The NAIA has established it as an Emerging Sport for Women and has partnered with the N...

Cycling Events

Bringing Cycling to the City

America has a rich history of criterium racing, a unique form of cycling contested in a thriving urban atmosphere. Criterium racing brings a unique se...

Cheer & Dance

Competitive Cheer and Dance

Like many sports, competitive cheer, dance and the emerging sport of STUNT were derailed in 2020. The good news is all three are making a triumphant r...

Multisport in 2021 and Beyond

Multisport in 2021 and Beyond

USA Triathlon met the pandemic head-on, encouraging athletes to get out and train. Back on track and with a sellout, here are their insights.

Trail Running Looks Down the Road

Trail Running Looks Down the Road

People have been getting outdoors to use and enjoy the trails as a result of the pandemic. It is the hope of the American Trail Running Association th...

SUP: The State of the Sport

SUP: The State of the Sport

Paddle sports in general – kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding, also known as SUP, have been growing in popularity, both in participants, ...

Football: An Update from NAIA

Football: An Update from NAIA

Of all the sports to be presented this fall, few have received the ink football has. The NAIA continues to explore the boundaries as well as the newes...