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World Jai-Alai League Announces Exclusive Sports Drink Partnership with Berri Fit®

May 20, 2024

The World Jai-Alai League announces its partnership with Berri Organics to offer Berri Fit® as the league's official sports drink sponsor, a partnership that brings a refreshing twist to the league's commitment to excellence and well-being.

"Berri Fit® scores big by providing our athletes with a winning hydration strategy," said Scott Savin, chief operating officer of the World Jai-Alai League. "It's the perfect blend for peak performance, just simple ingredients to keep our players ready to conquer the court and make every match a success!"

Berri Organics is a company dedicated to fostering healthier lifestyles through its innovative products such as organic sports drinks, including the acclaimed Berri Fit®, known for its natural ingredients and refreshing taste. Aside from its delightful taste, Berri Fit® brings a plethora of benefits to the World Jai-Alai League's athletes. Packed with organic ingredients, Berri Fit® drinks are carefully crafted to enhance hydration, replenish electrolytes and support overall well-being.

"We are delighted to present Berri Fit® as the official sports drink sponsor of the World Jai Alai League," said Jerome Tse, chief executive officer at Berri Organics. "We couldn't be more excited to have our organic sports drinks support the performance and holistic health of WJAL's exceptional athletes. Together, we will create a future where passion for sports converges with commitment to well-being."

WJAL matches are viewable during the competitive season on ESPN+, Jai-Alai TV (, via the Jai-Alai app and at Battle Court matches are available on DraftKings and BetRivers for wagering in 17 states including Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.

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