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| October 11, 2021
PGA TOUR Announces New Official Vodka, Tito’s Handmade Vodka   

PGA TOUR announced a Tito’s Handmade Vodka as the newly-minted “Official Vodka of the PGA TOUR and PGA TOUR Champions.” More>>

| October 11, 2021
USA Ping Pong Company Continues to Expand Its Products and Reach   

CounterStrike Table Tennis is one of the only table tennis equipment companies located in the United States. More>>

| October 11, 2021
Farmers Insurance to Sponsor APGA   

Farmers Insurance® and the Advocates Professional Golf Association Tour announced the APGA Tour Farmers Insurance® Fall Series. More>>

News | October 11, 2021
2021 ITA National Fall Championships Location & Dates Announced   

The 2021 ITA National Fall Championships will be hosted by the Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego, California; November 4th-7th. More>>

News | October 11, 2021
Greater Lansing Welcomes Men’s Pro Tennis Tournament Back to Michigan   

The Greater Lansing Sports Authority announced plans to host the Joe D. Pentecost Foundation Capital City Tennis Classic in Greater Lansing. More>>

News | October 11, 2021
Outerbike Announces Triumphant Return   

New events, as well as new locations, are planned for the year ahead, as well as in years to come. More>>

Article | October 9, 2021
Announcing a New Start Date and a Juniors Tour, the PGL is Back in the News   

When we last heard from the Premier Golf League (PGL), the upstart organization planned a global tour with an eight-month span, 48 players and a... More>>

Article | October 8, 2021
Cycling Enjoys Unprecedented Participation, With New Disciplines Planned   

SDM recently reported that golf participation is strong. The next bit of good news is that cycling is enjoying record growth too. USA Cycling had a... More>>

Article | October 8, 2021
Inside Events: The US Chess Federation   

We’ve seen movies influence sports (the Hunger Games, for example, helped archery’s growth in the youth market) and right now, all eyes are on... More>>

Article | October 7, 2021
What Can a Robust Holiday Spending Forecast Tell Us About Sports?   

The frost is barely on the pumpkin (or anywhere else) but the headlong rush toward the holidays has begun. We’re already moving from the season of... More>>

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