Article | October 25, 2020
Latest Study Shows High School Student Athletes are Safe from COVID   

Hard on the heels of studies that showed youth soccer participants showed low (or no) cases of COVID from play, reports out of Wisconsin are... More>>

File | October 25, 2020
The Impact of School Closures and Sport Cancellations on the Health of Wisconsin Adolescent Athletes   

This paper provides details on the impact of schools closures and the cancellations of sports on the health (including mental health) of student... More>>

File | October 25, 2020
COVID-19 in Wisconsin High School Athletics: Study Summary   

High school athletes in Wisconsin showed a low transmission rate of COVID-19 from athletics. However, they showed a higher rate of depression and... More>>

Article | October 25, 2020
With New Play Format, Halo LAX Writes an Innovative Success Story   

Once, being called a disruptor wasn’t a compliment. These days, it’s a sign of ingenuity and of the ability to move outside the expected... More>>

Article | October 25, 2020
Flying? The Odds Are in Your Favor   

It’s not quite the same odds as those against getting a perfect NCAA bracket (92 quintillion to one, if you must know – greater than the odds of... More>>

Article | October 25, 2020
Inside Events: Waupaca Boatride Volleyball Tournament (US Open of Grass Volleyball)   

While many event owners were hunkered down this summer, the Waupaca Boatride Volleyball Tournament (also known as the US Open of Grass Volleyball)... More>>

Article | October 24, 2020
Will the NFL Play in London Again?   

We already knew the NFL wouldn’t be playing in London this season. However, it appears we may not be seeing any transatlantic games for quite some... More>>

Article | October 23, 2020
Komen Says Race for the Cure Will Return – When It’s Safe   

When Susan G. Komen closed its offices nationwide in order to centralize its operations, it was a devastating blow to thousands of employees. But... More>>

Article | October 23, 2020
When Will the Expos, Fan Fests and Skill Clinics Restart?   

The announcement of NCAA championship sites stretching from 2022 to 2026 was exactly the welcome shot of confidence and optimism the industry has... More>>

Article | October 23, 2020
Surprising Choices, Returns to Old Favorites for NCAA Championships   

One of the most eagerly looked-forward-to site selection announcements of 2020 came down recently, and there’s a lot to be learned from it. With a... More>>

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