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Article | January 23, 2019
U.S. Gymnastics Scandal Gets Unfortunate Honor: AP Sports Story of the Year   

USA Gymnastics has found itself at the top of the heap – and again, not in a good way. The Associated Press named the sex abuse scandal at the NGB... More>>

Article | January 9, 2019
Would a Rebuilt Preakness Venue Help Maryland – or Drive Iconic Race Out of Town?   

There are some long faces in Baltimore’s sports tourism sector and they don’t belong to horses. With the news that a Maryland Stadium Authority... More>>

Article | January 9, 2019
IOC: eSports Not Even Close to Consideration for the Olympics   

eSports might be making money and grabbing headlines – not to mention attracting that youthful contingent the IOC wants – but its chances of... More>>

Article | January 9, 2019
College Golf Could Serve as Launchpad for the PGA TOUR   

It’s a game-changer. Rights holders putting on collegiate golf tournaments may find their events gaining a whole new level of importance. At least... More>>

Article | December 28, 2018
USA Karate   

USA National Karate-do Federation is the national governing body for this martial art, which is to be included for the first time in the Olympics in... More>>

Article | December 27, 2018
Wheels Up   

Skateboarding and BMX are uniquely urban sports. Both evolved on cityscapes: downtown concrete slopes and railings that made riding challenging,... More>>

Article | December 27, 2018
The Growing Market of eSports: A Case Study   

Many event owners and destinations are just starting to test the waters for eSports in their markets. One of those is the Bloomington-Normal Sports... More>>

Article | December 12, 2018
Inside Events: New York Road Runners   

It’s one of the top running organizations in the U.S. when it comes to hosting events with international talent, but the New York Road Runners... More>>

Article | December 12, 2018
When Cheaters Enter Marathons, Internet Sleuths Are Right on their Heels   

Officials with China’s Shenzhen Half Marathon punished 258 runners who were caught cheating during the Nov. 25 race. Violators included 18... More>>

Article | December 12, 2018
Women’s Running Events: Concentrating on the Experience Can Maximize Returns   

Know where the running boom is burgeoning? In women’s events. The girls’ getaway weekend is an excellent niche market. A new survey sheds some... More>>

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