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Reuben Kline

Apr 25, 2016

Gran Fondo National Series

Reuben Kline

Reuben has far more than a passionate attachment to cycling. He began his work in the bike industry in 1991 as a mechanic. Over the years, he has worked in sales, been a lead bike fitter, and managed retail bike shops. In 2006 Reuben founded Bici Fitness, a bike coaching & touring company, and in 2012 Reuben founded the Gran Fondo National Series.  On the bike he has explored many areas of the world, competed as a pro mountain bike racer, road racer, and raced elite cyclocross. Reuben starred in the award-winning documentary film Ride the Divide. In Reuben’s words: “Simply put I believe in the bike©. Through cycling, I have found myself, I have shared myself, and I have enjoyed myself. My approach to cycling is not one of simple physical fitness, it is a philosophy of life which focuses every bit as much on mental enrichment as it does the physical body. As the century philosopher responded to his peers concerning dichotomy, ‘It is simply absurd to believe the body works separately of the mind’” 

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