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Up for Bids and Open for Business: 2025 World Athletics Championship

Feb 13, 2021 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher

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One of the most ancient and well-respected sports in the world – track & field – can be a new source of economic impact and renewed interest in the right city, as well as a means to grow the use of sports venues exponentially. The 2025 World Athletics Championship, which includes a whopping 49 total events, is looking for a host now.

The following documents are necessary; be sure to download them both:

Overview of Event

The agenda includes a whopping 49 events for men and women, among these track, marathon, field events and race walking. The event as a whole attracts upwards of 2,000 elite athletes from more than 200 nations.

Economic and Tourism Impact

The economic impact is significant as well. According to World Athletics, the 2017 version of the event in London generated upwards of $100,000,000 total direct economic impact, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Spectator Spend $ 75,040,048
  • Event Attendee Spend $ 19,588,092

The following tourism figures were also recorded in 2017:

  • Total of 335,371 unique spectators, including 230,000 that were non-local
  • 3,000 media representatives reported on the event
  • 705,000 competition tickets sold
  • 56% of all out-of-town spectators (124,416) stayed in commercial accommodation, for an average of 4 days.
  • Accommodation spend generated from out-of-town spectators: $30,000,000
  • Non-accommodation spend generated from out-of-town spectators: $40,000,000 (average daily spend: $85
  • 91 % of out-of-town spectators would recommend the host city as a vacation destination after coming to the event
  • 81% of out-of-town spectators agreed that the event had increased their awareness for the host city as tourist and/or business destination
  • 69% of out-of-town spectators agreed that they were likely to return to the host city in the next two years after attending the event

Venue Requirements

The World Athletics Championship is one of the largest sports events globally and as such, have specific venue needs:

  • Stadium of 30,000 spectator seats (including around 10,000 seat kills) with a Category 1 Track
  • A warm-up facility will include a separate area for long throws, ideally within easy walking distance of the stadium
  • Technical functional areas and rooms must be provided in the main Stadium (e.g. Call Room, Mixed Zone, Post Event Area, Photo Finish, Data Processing, Medal Ceremonies, Doping Control, Technical Information Centre, Rest Areas for Combined Events, Storage Areas for Timing and Data Processing, Sports Equipment Storage Areas, Technical Delegates Rooms, etc.)
  • Organization of a test event which must be held between one year and four months before the event

Mandatory Events

In addition to the competition itself, potential host cities are expected to put on three events held in conjunction with the World Athletics Championship:

World Athletics Congress

Organizing the World Athletics Championship includes hosting the World Athletics Congress. The Congress is the highest authority of World Athletics and the sport of athletics worldwide.

Consisting of the 214 Member Federations represented by up to three delegates each, often debating and voting on high-profile topics, the Congress not only attracts substantial media attention, it also positions the host city as the epicenter of athletics worldwide in the days leading up to the opening of competition.

The LOC is responsible for identifying a suitable location and to assist with local logistics.

World Athletics Opening Dinner

The Local Organizing Committee is responsible for organizing a reception for all members of the World Athletics Family (between 100 and 150 people) during the event, in a venue in the host city. The costs of such reception shall be paid by World Athletics, unless the reception is cohosted by the LOC, then the costs shall be shared equally.

Final Party

To the extent agreed by World Athletics the organizing Member Federation shall be responsible for hosting a final party at the end of the event for all athletes, team officials and members of the World Athletics Family at the cost of the organizing Member Federation.


Those interested in hosting the 2025 World Athletics Championships are reminded of the following dates:

  • Pre-qualification deadline & verification: March 1, 2021
  • Completed bid application deadline: September 1, 2021
  • Council selection & announcement: December 2021

Pre-Qualification Forms should be sent to bidding@worldathletics.org; this is the same address, should there be questions.

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