Article | July 10, 2019
Rhode Island School District Dumps All Sports as Part of Drastic Budget Cuts   

The concept that a school district would be so desperate to make budget cuts as to dump all its sports programs – well, it sounds like a nightmare.... More>>

| July 1, 2019
Watchfire Signs Announces Scholarship to Recognize Student Creativity on Video Scoreboards   

Watchfire Signs announced a scholarship for high schoolers who develop content for Watchfire video scoreboards or displays on campus. More>>

Article | June 26, 2019
Insights from the National Governing Body for Cheer   

From offering cheer combines to promoting the emerging sport of STUNT to training national teams in cheer, pom, jazz, hip-hop and dance, USA Cheer... More>>

Article | June 26, 2019
Alabama on the Leading Edge with Coaching Education to Prevent Injuries   

In Alabama, the Alabama’s Coach Safely Act — reportedly is the first law of its kind to require all coaches of youth athletes 14 years and... More>>

News | June 24, 2019
Los Angeles Sports Council Has Esports Symposium Starting Today   

The Los Angeles Sports Council Hosts Esports 101 &102: From Basics to Next Level at the LA Sports Summit, June 24-26 at the Omni Los Angeles. More>>

Article | June 12, 2019
Fishing Derbies: When Kids Cast Out, Everyone Reels It In   

It all starts with a kid learning to hold a pole. The recreational fishing industry – and competitive event owners – know that anglers are born... More>>

News | May 31, 2019
PTR Announces Fremont, CA, as Site of Coach Development Event   

Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) announced the launch of Coach Development Days. More>>

Article | May 29, 2019
NCAA Passes on Esports - Gamers Relieved   

It might be a first. NCAA passed up an opportunity to oversee the championships of a fast-growing and big-money collegiate sport. In fact, it opted... More>>

Article | May 29, 2019
Parents Putting Off Retirement to Pay for Kids’ Sports   

With the idea that their children will one day get an athletic scholarship to college or wind up on the Olympic podium, parents are spending more... More>>

News | May 22, 2019
First Down Clinics Being Offered in Harrisburg   

The Pennsylvania Scholastic Football Coaches Association (PSFCA) announced today it will host free First Down Clinics on Monday, May 27. More>>

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