Article | September 12, 2020
As NCAA Continues to Ignore Esports, Other Organizations Forge Ahead   

While NCAA dithers about whether or not to recognize esports, other collegiate organizations are forging ahead. The National Junior College Athletic... More>>

News | September 1, 2020
Las Vegas to Host US Sports Congress in December   

The US Sports Congress is headed for Vegas in December of this year. More>>

News | August 31, 2020
Running USA Announces Race Industry Conference   

The 2021 Running USA Industry Conference is scheduled to be held at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, on February 14-16, 2021. More>>

News | August 31, 2020
Florida's Sports Coast Opens All-Encompassing Sports Facility   

Experience Florida’s Sports Coast has opened a brand-new state-of-the-art, 98,000 square-foot facility to welcome sports tourism. More>>

Article | August 27, 2020
In Pursuit of Scholarships, Families Moving to States Allowing Youth Sports   

We already know parents will take extra jobs and go into debt in order to pay for kids’ sports – all in the pursuit of an athletic scholarship to... More>>

News | August 18, 2020
US Sports Congress Headed for Vegas in December   

The US Sports Congress has confirmed it is going to host a live event in Las Vegas, Nevada, this coming December. More>>

News | August 17, 2020
PGA Event Goes Virtual   

PGA Golf Exhibitions announced details for the PGA Show Connects Virtual Summit, August 18 with free registration. More>>

Article | August 16, 2020
Inside Events: United States Twirling Association   

Those who remember seeing baton twirling in parades or on football fields already know the sport combines the athleticism of rhythmic gymnastics with... More>>

Article | August 14, 2020
Event Live Streams Go Beyond Widening Audiences to Increasing Marketability of Tournaments   

What is the most obvious takeaway from the return of Major League Baseball? People were more than ready to watch it. In fact, there has been a record... More>>

Article | August 12, 2020
Golf Play Trending Upwards, Heralding Increase in Tournament Participation   

Golf is growing. Not just growing, in fact, it’s exploding. In June, the number of rounds played was up more than 15 percent over last year. And... More>>

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