Article | September 2, 2019
Department of Transportation: Moving Your Athletes Efficiently   

The world of travel sports turns on the ability to move athletes safely and efficiently from place to place. And whether that means a circulating... More>>

Article | August 27, 2019
Inked: A Proven Approach to Event Booking   

Event booking is a key element – no, the key element in sports tourism. The relationship between host venue and event owner is critical to creating... More>>

Article | August 7, 2019
Data Breaches Are Big News and Bigger Trouble. Here's How to Prepare   

Last week brought the unsettling news of the latest data breach, this one involving some 100 million Capital One credit cards. This week, an online... More>>

Article | June 26, 2019
Risk Management: Don't Let it be an Afterthought   

Risk management can easily scare event owners and facility managers alike when it comes to sports events. As a result, it’s often left until the... More>>

Article | February 24, 2019
Picture Perfect   

Are you considering photography for your next event? You’re on the right track. From a marketing perspective, it’s easier to cultivate... More>>

| January 28, 2019
ILEA Releases Global Events Industry Report   

Live events, including sports, are discussed in this in-depth report released after the ILEA Global Event Forum. More>>

Article | December 27, 2018
Insurance 101   

Everyone planning amateur sports tournaments hopes nothing will go wrong. But unfortunately, problems can arise, accidents can happen, and injuries... More>>

Article | October 31, 2018
Airport HotSpots: the New Hunting Grounds for Cybercriminals   

Just when you thought it was safe to plug back into Wi-Fi. There’s another place where cybercriminals are lurking and it’s a place that event... More>>

News | September 14, 2018
PURE Insurance Championship Coming to Pebble Beach   

The 2018 PURE Insurance Championship Impacting The First Tee will be held September 24-30 at two California golf courses. More>>

| September 4, 2018
AON Announces Partnership with LPGA, PGA TOUR   

Aon plc announced a multi-year partnership with the PGA TOUR and LPGA in the first-of-its-kind Aon Risk Reward Challenge. More>>

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