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Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series Announces Tour Schedule

10 Dec, 2014

Subsequently Released Race-Planning App Expected to Boost Running-Related Tourism for Series

The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series has released its nationwide (and now worldwide) series of marathons and half marathons. A number of significant sports tourism markets will be included in the 2015 series.

At the same time as it announced its calendar, the organization officially unveiled #MyRnTour , a new interactive race-calendar planning tool for the 2015 Tour Schedule. The tool officially launched on November 20.

With #MyRnRTour, runners compile the races they plan or hope to run in 2015 into one customized running calendar for the year and commit to run by registering with series-wide savings for 24-hours.

#MyRnRTour: After registering for 2015 races, use this page to build a personalized running calendar.

  • Runners can scroll down to find theirevents and click “Add Race” to build a tour.

  • Runners can then click “Show #MYRNRTOUR” to receive your running calendar and share plans with other runners.

It is expected the new tool will boost the profile of the event, and subsequently bring greater economic impact to each event.


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