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USAR Announces State Championship Qualifiers for U.S. Nationals

Mar 04, 2014
Singles Championships Offered Nationwide

USA Racquetball, the national governing body for the sport, has announced “March Racquetball Madness,” meaning the month when state championships are held to qualify individuals to play in the U.S. National Singles competition.

A full calendar of events is offered at the events portion of the website

Dates for State Championship Qualifiers for U.S. National Singles are as follows. (Note: Some states have already held events).

  • Alabama (March 22-23)
  • Arizona (March 28-30)
  • Arkansas (April 12-13)
  • California (March 14-16)
  • Colorado (March 20-23)
  • Connecticut (April 5-6)
  • Delaware (March 29-30)
  • Florida (February 7-9)
  • Illinois (April 3-6)
  • Indiana (April 12-13)
  • Iowa (February 7-8)
  • Kansas (April 25-27)
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland (March 1-2)
  • Michigan (March 28-30)
  • Minnesota (March 14-16)
  • Mississippi (Feb. 27-Mar. 1)
  • Missouri (March 21-23)
  • New Jersey (March 29-30)
  • New Mexico (March 27-30)
  • New York (March 15-16)
  • North Carolina (March 28-30)
  • North Dakota (March 10-15)
  • Ohio (March 1- 2)
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania (March 14-16)
  • Rhode Island (March 21-23)
  • Tennessee (January)
  • Utah (April 2-5)
  • Wyoming (April 4-6)

About USA Racquetball: USA Racquetball (USAR) is the National Governing Body for the sport of racquetball, recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee and is committed to excellence and service to our members. We provide opportunities for members and enthusiasts to actively participate in the sport, through sanctioning of events, administration of programs, and development of competitive teams.

Vision Statement: To provide racquetball opportunities in the sport of racquetball for all levels of participation through:

Membership Support – USAR values its members and will strive to provide the best possible member services at all levels.

Membership Recruitment – USAR believes that racquetball is a lifetime endeavor and the benefits of health, recreation, and competition should be available to everyone. USAR will strive to expand its membership in order to share these benefits with as many players and supporters as possible.

Promotion of the Sport – In order to sustain a strong player base, USAR will promote the numerous benefits of participation through mass marketing efforts.

Competitive Success – USAR strives to maintain America’s position as the number one racquetball nation in the world. Success at the elite levels has a positive influence on every other facet of our sport.

Sponsors and Supporters – USAR values its relationship with sponsors and will continue to maximize benefits and exposure.

USAR is the National Governing Body of Racquetball for the US Olympic Committee.

USAR provides insurance coverage for both players and events when the events meet all our sanctioning criteria; including insurance coverage for the host club of the event, sponsors, tournament directors, and anyone else who is affiliated with that sanctioned event for the time of the event.

The USAR Intercollegiate program is designed to aid in the development of intercollegiate and intramural racquetball programs. State, regional and national competitions are offered for undergraduate competitors, with a position on the U.S. National Racquetball Team available for eligible gold division singles winners of the annual National Intercollegiate Championship.

USAR offers a competitive scholarship for graduating high school seniors and college undergraduates each year.

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