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Up for Bid and Open for Business: International Hockey Federation Events

Dec 19, 2020 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher

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The International Hockey Federation (FIH), the world governing body for the sport of field hockey, has announced the launch of the bidding process for hosting two international events:

  • The 2023 FIH Hockey5s World Cups (men and women). The Hockey5s’ flagship event is a brand-new FIH competition. 16 teams per gender will take part in this inaugural edition
  • The 2023 FIH Hockey Junior World Cups, which will involve 16 men’s and 16 women’s teams

Deadline for submitting any and all bids is Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

Hockey5s Information: The FIH Executive Board last year decided to create an FIH Hockey5s World Cup, with a view to further boosting the development of hockey globally through the promotion of its 5-a-side format. Continental Hockey5s tournaments will be organized and act as qualifiers for the World Cup.

FIH CEO Thierry Weil said: “The FIH Hockey5s World Cup will enable a number of National Associations, smaller ones in particular, to participate in a World Cup - or the qualifiers of a World Cup - while they’re currently struggling to do so with the 11-a-side format. This is good for the overall growth of our sport. Furthermore, we strongly believe in the power of Hockey5s to welcome new players and fans in the hockey community.”

Official bidding documents and supporting information are available below:

  • Specifications for Hockey5s Training and Competition Courts are available here.
  • The World Cup Bid Manual for Hockey 5s is available here.
  • Turf and Field Standards for Hockey5s are available here.
  • Host Presentation Information for Hockey5s is available here.

Hockey5s debuted at the Youth Olympic Games in 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the event was met with great reviews.

2023 FIH Hockey Junior World Cups Information: The 2023 FIH Hockey Junior World Cups will involve 16 men’s and 16 women’s teams. Bidding documents and supporting information can be found below:

  • Bid Manual for FIH Hockey Junior World Cups is available here.
  • Event Manual for the FIH Junior Hockey World Cup is available here.
  • Host Obligations for FIH Hockey Junior World Cup are available here.

Another event, the FIH Nations Cup, is also up for bid, but only by those nations whose teams will be represented at the event (according to the current positions in the world rankings), including the following:

Canada (10); Malaysia (11); France (12); Ireland (13); South Africa (14); Japan (15); Korea (16); Pakistan (17); Austria (20); Egypt (21)

Spain (7); Ireland (8); India (9); Korea (11); Japan (13); Canada (14); South Africa (16); Italy (17); Chile (18); Russia (19)

Information on bidding for this event, for those who are eligible, meaning those shown above, can be obtained from FIH.

The International Hockey Federation is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Founded in 1924, FIH today has 137 member National Associations. For more information on the Hockey Revolution, please visit: fih.ch/inside-fih/our-strategy.

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