Article | October 7, 2021
Seed Money: Grass Seed Shortage, Inflation Hurting Fields, Golf Courses   

There’s a shortage out there and it’s not toilet paper. It’s grass seed, something needed for facilities like golf courses and sports fields.... More>>

Article | October 7, 2021
Heating Up: Erie’s Ice Hockey Action Poised for $5M Impact   

In Erie, Pennsylvania, some hot action is coming, and officials are crediting the ice. Specifically, they’re looking to the five sheets (four of... More>>

News | October 4, 2021
USA Field Hockey Announces New Home Turf for USWNT   

USA Field Hockey announced that Bessant Field in Charlotte, N.C. will be the new temporary training site for the U.S. Women’s National Team. More>>

News | September 27, 2021
Colorado Springs Releases Details of Hockey Faceoff   

Two NCAA Division I ice hockey coaches will tell area fans about their upcoming 2021-2022 season on Tuesday, September 28. More>>

News | September 20, 2021
Youth Hockey Tournaments to Host an Influx of Visitors in Erie County   

Youth hockey tournaments are expected to create major impact for Erie’s hospitality industry this fall and winter. More>>

Article | September 11, 2021
Get Ready for a National Youth Sports Bill of Rights   

Athletes everywhere are standing up for their rights. From the college level (hello, NIL) to the gymnasts who came to prominence in the Larry Nassar... More>>

News | September 8, 2021
FIH Executive Board Approves 8-Year Global Hockey Calendar   

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) approved an 8-year global hockey calendar establishing dates and windows for events. More>>

Article | September 4, 2021
New Homes for Visiting Teams   

The year 2020 pushed us outside our comfort zone, including making us rethink our choice of locations for events. The good news is that there are... More>>

News | August 30, 2021
Innovative Sports Complex, Bo Jackson’s Turf and Ice, Planned For Houston Area   

An innovative youth and amateur sports complex is in the final planning stages, according to the Sports Facilities Companies. More>>

News | August 19, 2021
IIHF Confirms New Date of Women's World Championships   

Hockey Canada and the IIHF confirmed the Women's World Championships have been rescheduled for August 20 to 31. More>>

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