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Up for Bid and Open for Business: International Field Hockey

Feb 12, 2021 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher
FIH Events Have a March 2021 Deadline

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Ready to bid? The International Hockey Federation (FIH), the world governing body for field hockey, is soliciting bids for its inaugural FIH Hockey 5s World Cup as well as its 2023 FIH Junior World Cups.

Inaugural FIH Hockyey5s World Cup

Hockey 5s is a five-a-side format, and the World Cup will include 16 men’s and women’s teams each coming to a city from around the world to compete. The timing will be in July/August/September; however, since this is an inaugural event, the FIH has noted there is some flexibility on dates.

So of course, the question becomes, what does it take to host? FIH has included a number of documents designed to held prospective bidders along.

Bidding to host the FIH Hockey5s World Cup is open to all National Associations with manageable and appropriate level of event delivery and presentation as well as any host willing to organize the event in conjunction with the National association.

Host Requirements: The bidding process and the requirements that need to be fulfilled to host this event are set out in this bidding manual as well as in the relevant documents described in it (the document includes links to various forms, including the online bidding questionnaire available at this link, showing their ability to effectively host the event.

Venues: Having the right facilities is essential. The following venues will be needed, as per the Competition and Training Courts Requirements, found here:

  • Competition Court – a HOCKEY5s court and surrounding infrastructure used to host all pool and knockout matches within the FIH Hockey 5s World Cups.
  • Training Court – courts used by teams for training and warmup during the FIH HOCKEY5s World Cups.
  • Hockey turf – synthetic turf surface designed to be primarily used for hockey.
  • Pitch Protection System – purpose made panels designed to overlay a sports field to protect the underlying playing surface when the stadium is being used for alternative activities or events.
  • The Hockey Turf and Field Standards document, available here, also details requirements of prospective hosts.

Bidding Requirements: All Bidding requirements (outside of venue specifications) can be found in the FIH Bid Manual for the FIH Hockey 5s World Cup.

Additionally, each host will be required to submit a signed Hosting Agreement committing to delivery of all obligations, should their bid be selected to host the event.

Advantages of Hosting: While this is an inaugural event, the FIH has noted that in 2018, the FIH Men’s World Cup came to Odisha, India. A quote from Vishal Kumar Dev – Odisha’s Sports and Tourism Secretary, reads, “The FIH Men’s World Cup Hockey was a platform that helped showcase the new Odisha. As per tentative figures collated by Odisha’s tourism department, the state received 1.61 million and 2.22 million domestic tourists in November and December 2018 respectively, up to 60% higher than normal. Foreign tourists also arrived In higher numbers in the two months with an average monthly arrival of 15,000, higher by around 50%.” The official also noted that, “adding the state has pioneered the concept of ‘Sports Tourism’ in the country.”

Background: The FIH Executive Board last year decided to create an FIH Hockey5s World Cup, with a view to further boosting the development of hockey globally through the promotion of its 5-a-side format. Continental Hockey5s tournaments will be organized and act as qualifiers for the World Cup.

FIH CEO Thierry Weil said: “The FIH Hockey5s World Cup will enable a number of National Associations, smaller ones in particular, to participate in a World Cup - or the qualifiers of a World Cup - while they’re currently struggling to do so with the 11-a-side format. This is good for the overall growth of our sport. Furthermore, we strongly believe in the power of Hockey5s to welcome new players and fans in the hockey community.”

The new Hockey5s format was met with great success at the last Youth Olympic Games in 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Deadline: The deadline for submission of the completed bidding questionnaires and supporting documents is March 5, 2021. FIH reserves the right not to consider any bidding questionnaire received after this date.

2023 FIH Hockey Junior World Cups-Men’s and Women’s

FIH has also opened the bidding process to host the 2023 FIH Hockey Junior World Cups, which will involve 16 Men’s and 16 Women’s teams each. FIH Events Department is seeking National Associations that are interested in hosting the FIH Junior Hockey Men’s or Women’s World Cups in 2023.

The FIH Junior Hockey World Cup (Women and Men) is hosted every two years. With 16 teams competing for the ultimate prize, it gives athletes under the age of 21 the possibility to demonstrate their talent and determination on an international stage fascinating hockey fans around the world with their skills.

The announcement of host(s) is scheduled to be made during the FIH Congress in May 2021.

The following documents are included:

Key Host Obligations: This document includes what the host will need to provide with regard to the following:

  • Suitable Venues
  • Information on Officials and Personnel
  • Services
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Hosting Fees
  • Broadcast/Media Needs
  • Commercial Rights

Event Manual: This document includes detailed information on the event itself: its needs, operations, marketing, event services and other information. Prospective hosts must be aware of the information in this manual.

Bid Manual: This document contains information on placing a bid for the event. It also includes information on competition format, as well as event dates: September 15-October 1, 2023, and December 1-17, 2023.

Bid Questionnaire: Those interested in hosting should complete and submit the online bidding questionnaire indicating which event they are interested in hosting (Men, Women, joint, either) and showing their ability to effectively host the event.

Deadline: The deadline for submitting all information to bid on the 2023 FIH Junior World Cups is March 5, 2021.

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