September/October 2021 | Sports Destination Management

September/October 2021


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September/October 2021

As 2020 wore on and became 2021, people have learned to put on new events in new ways, and we’ve been able to continue our path forward by implementing their ideas and adding our own twists to them. This issue is a testament to that. All our articles all show the evolution of our industry and how it continues to succeed. The finish line for this year is in sight. We made it through this year, but we didn’t do it alone. All of us worked together to bring our economy back to center. Our industry isn’t made up of events; it’s made up of people. And those people were there for us. Let’s continue to be there for one another.

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Moving Forward

BY: Joe Lucci

2020 brought the biggest bracket-buster and game-changer our industry has ever faced. Now, we’re moving forward again and we’re finding some things have not changed. The importance of choosing the right bus company, for example, will always be there. And asking those questions in advance (not as you’re getting ready to board the bus) is essential. more....