News | September 14, 2020
US Youth Soccer Releases Information on South Atlantic Conference Schedule   

US Youth Soccer announced that the USYS South Atlantic Conference will provide the option to play a 10-month season, as well as spring play. More>>

News | September 10, 2020
MLF, FLW Announce 2021 Toyota Fishing Series Schedule   

Major League Fishing (MLF) and FLW announced the 2021 Toyota Series schedule. More>>

News | September 9, 2020
Potomac River Readies for Toyota Series Event   

Marbury, Maryland hosts an FLW bass-fishing tournament Sept. 10-12, with the Toyota Series at the Potomac River event. More>>

Article | August 27, 2020
In Pursuit of Scholarships, Families Moving to States Allowing Youth Sports   

We already know parents will take extra jobs and go into debt in order to pay for kids’ sports – all in the pursuit of an athletic scholarship to... More>>

News | August 17, 2020
World Lacrosse Announces Changes to Championship Calendar   

World Lacrosse announced that its senior-level Men’s World Championship, originally scheduled for 2022, is being moved back to 2023. More>>

News | August 7, 2020
Tennis for America Launches in Sites Across the Nation   

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association has launched a new national program, Tennis for America (TFA). More>>

Article | August 4, 2020
From XFL to Lingerie, Alternative Football Could Drive Venue Use in Cities   

The definition of the eternal optimist might be found in the owners of alternate football leagues. Cases in point this week: Mike Ditka and Dwayne... More>>

News | July 29, 2020
Sea Gull Century Goes Virtual for 2020   

One of the largest bicycling events in the U.S., Salisbury University's 32nd Sea Gull Century, goes virtual due to COVID-19. More>>

Article | July 18, 2020
Inside Events: The North American SCRABBLE Players Association   

Among mind sports, SCRABBLE is one of the most perennially popular. The North American SCRABBLE Players Association supports the community of... More>>

News | July 16, 2020
Navy/Notre Dame Game Coming to Annapolis, Maryland - Not Ireland, as Originally Scheduled   

The Navy-Notre Dame football game is coming to Annapolis for the first time since its founding almost a century ago. More>>

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