News | March 28, 2016
Eugene, Cascades and Coasts Host the NCAA Golf Championships   

Eugene, Cascades and Coast has announced it will host the 2016 NCAA Golf Championships for men and women. More>>

News | March 24, 2016
USA Cycling Announces Pro Road Tour   

USA Cycling announced the naming of the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour (PRT), including dates and locations. More>>

News | March 16, 2016
Racquetball State Singles Championships Announced   

USA Racquetball, the national governing body for racquetball, has announced its State Singles Championships. More>>

News | February 24, 2016
Calendar Set for 2016 Triathlon Regional Championships   

USA Triathlon has listed the 2016 Regional Championships, providing an opportunity to qualify for the Olympic-Distance National Championships. More>>

News | February 8, 2016
CEVA Announces Location of 2016 Presidents Day Tournament    

Columbia Empire Volleyball Association will host their annual Presidents Day Tournament in Springfield, Oregon, February 13-15, 2016. More>>

News | January 21, 2016
Portland to Stage Largest IAAF World Indoor Championships in U.S.   

A total of 699 athletes will compete at the 2016 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Portland, Oregon (known as Track Town.) More>>

News | January 14, 2016
Truffle Dog Championship Returns to Eugene for a Second Year   

The 11th annual Oregon Truffle Festival kicks off with The Joriad™ North American Truffle Dog Championship in Eugene on January 16. More>>

Article | December 28, 2015
The New Frontiers Are Here   

Star Trek fans will recognize space as “ the final frontier.” But in the sports industry, the new frontiers are more earthbound and often much... More>>

Article | December 28, 2015
The Thrill of It All: Skateboarding and BMX   

Once only known as counter-culture pastimes, skateboard and BMX have moved into the mainstream. Count on that growth to continue in years to come,... More>>

| December 28, 2015
Eugene, Cascades & Coast Welcomes New Team Members    

Eugene, Cascades & Coast welcomes three new team members. More>>

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