News | October 13, 2014
Shimano Canadian Cyclocross Championships Elevates Annual Cycling Fest   

In October, Winnipeg will host a national cyclocross championship that seeks to surpass all previous editions in scope and quality. More>>

News | October 9, 2014
Sport Manitoba Announces Children’s Soccer Event   

Desiree Scott, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist, announced a soccer camp on Sunday, November 2, 2014 at the Seven Oaks Soccer-Plex. More>>

| September 15, 2014
Shimano to Sponsor 2014, 2015 Canadian Cyclocross Championships    

Bicycle component manufacturer Shimano has signed on as the title sponsor for the 2014 and 2015 Canadian Cyclocross Championships. More>>

News | September 12, 2014
2014, 2015 Canadian Cyclocross Championships to be in Winnipeg   

The Canadian Cyclocross Championships will be in Winnipeg, MB for the next two years. The 2014 event will happen at The Forks on Oct. 24-26. More>>

News | August 27, 2014
NSGA Lists State Games Schedules for US This Fall   

The National Senior Games Association (NSGA) has listed all venues for state Senior Olympics and Senior Games this fall. More>>

News | August 1, 2014
Winnipeg to Host Junior National Ball Hockey Championship   

The Manitoba Ball Hockey Association hosts teams across Canada at the National Junior Ball Hockey Championships through Aug. 2. More>>

News | July 25, 2014
Canadian Age Group Nationals to be Held in Manitoba   

The Canadian Age Group Nationals, which will include 146 swim teams from across Canada, will be held in Manitoba from July 23-28 2014. More>>

News | July 10, 2014
Hockey Manitoba Announces Details for 100th Anniversary Season   

Hockey Manitoba is celebrating a year-long 100th birthday party, and everyone is invited. The fun kicks off this summer. More>>

News | June 26, 2014
City of Steinbach to Host 2016 Power Smart Manitoba Summer Games   

And the winner is.... the City of Steinbach, named the Host Community for the 2016 Power Smart Manitoba Summer Games. More>>

News | June 24, 2014
Dauphin, Winnipeg Selected to Host 2014-15 Regional Events   

It's the icing on the cake: Hockey Manitoba has awarded host bids to Winnipeg and Dauphin for sports events to be held in 2015. More>>

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