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Pigs, Pickles and Planes: Goldsboro-Wayne County


Nestled in the heart of eastern North Carolina between Raleigh and the coast, we are a destination with rich culture and heritage. Our heritage has deep military and agricultural roots. And let’s not forget to mention our legendary BBQ! We sum up ourselves with 3 Ps: pigs, pickles and planes!

We are the proud home to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, one of the best (and oldest!) fighter communities in the world, Mt. Olive Pickle Company, Cliffs of the Neuse State Park, award-winning historic downtown, North Carolina Pickle Festival and Wings Over Wayne Air Show (North Carolina’s largest free air show).

Live music, a bustling downtown, farm tours, craft beer, boutique shops, signature restaurants, the best barbecue and sweet iced tea, F-15E Strike Eagles soaring across the sky (no big deal!) – there are so many things to do in Goldsboro-Wayne County! A destination like no other, we are also home to the most unique multi-sports complex in the country.

The Bryan Multi-Sports Complex opened April 2018 and has already been recognized as a top soccer venue in the U.S. It is located on 63 acres of Seymour Johnson AFB and is the product of the first partnership of its kind between a military base and its home community. The venue is structured to host a variety of field sports and cross country events in North Carolina’s ideal outdoor sports climate, all while providing the unique experience of competing under the contrails of U.S. Air Force fighter jets.

There are over 1,000 hotel rooms within five miles of the complex site, plenty of dining options to choose from and beautiful temperate weather. We have the premier facilities, perfect weather and fair prices, but what makes this venue truly one of kind is the unique experience it provides athletes to practice and compete right alongside our country’s heroes. 

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