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US Quidditch Announces QuidCon 2021

Mar 04, 2021

QuidCon 2021 is the first-ever virtual quidditch convention. Join 150+ leaders in the quidditch community for 40+ panels ranging across topics in gameplay, marketing, DEI, physical training, quidditch history and more! Perfect for players, coaches and volunteers who want to up their game, network, and learn. Check out some of these panels you can join virtually on March 5-7. A full schedule is available here.

From Diversity & Inclusion to Equity: Leveling the Quidditch Playing Field

Yara Kodershah ?Friday, March 5, 2021 8:00 PM EST

Let’s re-imagine what it means to “level the playing field.” How do we address inequity in systems and structures, and bring about holistic and collective change?

Dining with Champions: Behind the Scenes with the U.S. National Team

Hosted by Amanda Dallas ?Saturday, March 6, 2021 7:30 PM EST

Join the winningest international quidditch team, the 3-time gold medal winning U.S. National Team, for a look at what it takes to work up to, train for, and compete on the international stage.

The State of Quidditch: Where We've Been, Where We Are and Where We're Going

USQ, MLQ, Quidditch Canada?Sunday, March 7, 2021 7:00 PM EST

Where does quidditch stand? What challenges do we have coming down the road? What changes can we make today? The North American Quidditch Leagues discuss the future of quidditch and everything that encompasses.

Catch USQ in panels such as:

  • Community By the Numbers: What USQ Census Data Tells Us
  • Q&A with USQ
  • Rulebook 14: Collegiate Discussion

Up Your Game at panels like: 

  • Next Level Chasing, Beating, Seeking, and Keeping
  • Find Your Sweet Spot: Better Gameplay Strategies for Every Team
  • From Players to Athletes: Why & How to Start Strength Training

Learn & Discuss at panels like:

  • So You Want Your School to Have a Quidditch Team
  • Making Quidditch Fun to Watch: Producing Videos, Highlight Reels & Livestreams 
  • Bring 'Em In and Keep 'Em In: Recruitment and Retention in Quidditch

Be the Team You Want to See in the World: Building a Healthy Team Culture

More information is available here.

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