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Up for Bid and Open for Business: USA Artistic Swimming

Mar 12, 2021 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher

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The beautiful athleticism of synchronized swimming is an Olympic discipline, and its national governing body, USA Artistic Swimming, is looking for homes for its events. Even better, it’s interested in multi-year contracts.

Host communities are being sought for a more than 30 events in 2022, 2023 and 2024. Events include age group trials, collegiate championships, talent camps, championships and multiple others, all at a variety of levels. USA Artistic Swimming will rotate each events location yearly. According to the organization’s bid packet, USA Artistic Swimming is interested in multiyear agreements with host that will rotate through multiple events. Example would be to host 2022 Junior Olympic, 2021 Masters and 2023 Open.

USA Artistic Swimming will accept bids from any city, CVB, sports commission or artistic swimming division interested in hosting a national event. The bid must provide facilities, commit services, supply personnel and volunteers, letter of intent and proposed host hotels to USA Artistic Swimming. The range of events and the flexibility that USA Artistic Swimming offers in sharing responsibilities provides hosts with various levels of involvement.

Proposals are accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis, so tournaments may be awarded to cities that have submitted excellent bids in advance of the deadline. As such, there is an advantage to early submissions, but all proposals must be received by the above deadlines. Only complete bids will be considered by USA Artistic Swimming.

The bid packet can be found at this link.

USA Artistic Swimming’s website can be found at this link.

Venue Requirements:

The event venue is the single most important element in hosting a successful event. The venue must be available from approximately 6 a.m. - 11:59 p.m. each day of the tournament and for at least one (1) day in advance for set up. It must be clean, well maintained and possess the following characteristics from FINA facility standards.

Pool Dimensions and Specifications

  • 12 meters (40’) by 25 meters (82’) is required, within an area of which 12 meters by 12 meters must have a minimum depth of 3 meters (10’). The depth of the remaining area shall be 2 meters (6.5’) minimum.

Warmup/ Practice Pools: Separate pool with some deep water or similar area divided from the competition area by bulkhead and/or screen

Seating: It is preferred that the spectator section space be in the same viewing area as the competition space:

  • U.S. Collegiate: Seating for 500 spectators and participants, above deck level
  • U.S. Senior & Junior: Seating for 500 spectators and participants, above deck level
  • U.S. 13 – 15 & 12U: Seating for 600 spectators and participants, above deck level
  • America Open: Seating for 300 spectators and participants, above deck level
  • U.S. Junior Olympic: Seating for 900 spectators and 300 participants.
  • U.S. Masters: Seating for 300 spectators and participants, above deck level
  • Trials: Seating for about 50 spectators, above deck level

Deck Space

  • 8’ – 12’ surrounding entire pool, at least one end free from obstacles for team entry

Routine Start Area

  • 4’ x 12’ staging area at the deep end of the competition area, clear of obstacles and covered with non-slip surface

Shade Structures: If event is held at an outdoor pool, host must provide shade structures for judges, announcer, scoring table, music and internet broadcaster

Expo Space

  • Room for one 10’ x 20’ booth space for Team IP.
  • Room for 10 additional 10’ x 10’ booth spaces. This includes providing tables, table clothes, booth signs and power outlasts (if requested)

The Bid Packet contains information on more of USA Artistic Swimming’s essential criteria, including: dressing rooms, restrooms, information on working with the official housing service, volunteer needs, water temperature and clarity, as well as other specifics.

Deadline: Proposals are due to USA Artistic Swimming based on the following schedule:

  • 2022 proposals are due August 1, 2021.
  • 2023 proposals are due December 1, 2021.
  • 2024 proposals are due September 1, 2022.

However, as previously mentioned, some events may be awarded early. Certain factors may help the case of a city; these can be found in the Bid Packet, which also contains a robust history of dates and locations of previous tournaments. Interested cities are urged to familiarize themselves with the organization and its requirements. A checklist for bidding is included as well.

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