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Coronavirus Could Impact NFL Stadium Projects in Los Angeles, Las Vegas

14 Apr, 2020

By: Michael Popke

The news changes hourly, as the coronavirus pandemic alters nearly every aspect of life as we know it. And although construction was continuing at press time on the NFL’s two stadiums in progress, work could be shut down any day now.

Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, future home of the Oakland Raiders and University of Nevada, Las Vegas Rebels, remained “on schedule and on budget” for July completion, according to the Stadium Authority Board, which provided a statement to In fact, according to USA TODAY, the work was considered essential.

“Funds to complete the project were secured prior to commencing construction, including a roughly 18-month room tax reserve that secures the stadium bonds,” reads a statement from the board. “While we are mindful of the inherent uncertainly created by the immediate health care crisis, as of now, the project remains on track.”

The other NFL stadium under construction is SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, future home of both the Chargers and the Rams, which is slated to open in time for the 2020 season. Work was continuing on that project as well, said USA TODAY.

But, as Mike Florio pointed out on’s Pro Football Talk, “progress on both venues likely would slam to a halt,” if California, Nevada or the entire country takes such draconian measures as a mandatory lockdown.

“It’s a simple proposition,” Florio wrote. “If citizens are prohibited from leaving home only to go to the store, the pharmacy or to get gasoline, they won’t be allowed to leave home for work. And of all the jobs that now can be done at home, working on a stadium cannot be. So unless housing will be constructed at the stadium site for all stadium workers, there will be no way for the stadium workers to work on these stadiums. Which could keep the Raiders in Oakland, the Rams in the Coliseum, and the Chargers in a 30,000-seat soccer stadium for another year.”


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