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Inside Events: 5v5 Soccer

Jan 07, 2023 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher
An Interview with Travis Tew, Event Owner

5v5 Soccer, offered by T2 Sporting, presents soccer events in small-sided formats. The tour owner, T2Sporting, has developed a grassroots marketing strategy to work with local sports commissions or CVBs who are looking to bring in new and large annual events. The organization offers camps for high school and college students, as well as full-size tournaments. Most recently, it has also announced it is looking for partnerships to form leagues. That was worth another look from SDM, which caught up with event owner Travis Tew to learn about the latest.

Sports Destination Management: We have discussed the 5v5 tour previously but what is the 5v5 Soccer League?

Travis Tew: 5v5 Soccer Leagues are open to ALL players and teams of ALL skill levels with divisions for players born from 2016 through Adult. Monthly seasons, four weeks in duration, are offered, with teams placed into groups according to age and competitive level. All teams will play a minimum of eight games each month-long season.

SDM: What are the requirements?

Tew: Each team requires a volunteer coach; however, it is important to know that the 5v5 season consists of games only. There are no practices.

SDM: What are the advantages for interested cities?

T2 5v5 Soccer
All images courtesy of T2/5v5 Soccer

Tew: We offer the opportunity to run six- to 12-month-long 5v5 seasons in destinations. We also offer 5v5 League and Tournament framework and best practices, operational branding and marketing on

SDM: What would you like people to know about 5v5 Soccer Tour?

Tew: We are the world's largest 5v5 Soccer Tour. We are always looking for good people and good cities to partner with. We have no bid fee for our regular 5v5 events; we just need the fields and help finding a local host club or contact to help us market.

SDM: What sorts of facilities are you looking for?

Tew: We look for venues that offer between two and four soccer fields; it depends on the size of the tournament.

SDM: Is grass or turf preferable, or does it not matter?

Tew: Either works great; we do want the fields to be in good playing condition.

 SDM: Should prospective hosts be close to hotels/accommodations?

Tew: I would say it helps but it isn't 100 percent necessary. 

SDM: Do you also look at other amenities like restaurants, attractions, etc. in the area?

Tew: Yes, we do; we want families to be able to enjoy the area when the tournament is over and to feel like they had a winning experience.

SDM: How many teams, on average, are expected at events?

Tew: We average 40 teams per tournament which equals 350 players and 1,200 spectators. 

SDM: What are the demographics like – is it mostly youth tournaments?

Tew: You’d be surprised! We have seen some changes in demographics; right now, there are a lot of adults playing 7v7. They love being able to play again and the 7v7 format is easy for them.

SDM: Adult play – really?

Tew: It’s a huge, underserved market that I’d like to capitalize on. In Panama City Beach, we had more than 20 adult teams registered. I think that’s something we’ll be targeting a little more. The 7v7 concept is great for adults because it’s easy to find seven people and it takes up less space, so they don’t have to run as much. Right now, it’s still a minority – maybe five percent of our teams are adults, but you have to remember that soccer kids who love the game will grow up and want to continue to play. This is a way of helping them do that.

SDM: What is the season for your events?

Tew: Summer and winter, mainly.

SDM: What advantages do you think small-sided offers to participants?

Tew: A number of them! Just as street soccer was for a previous generation, small-sided games are fun and foster a lifelong passion for the beautiful game. Children naturally learn match situations by constant repetition and frequent ball contact. There’s less running, less frustration and more involvement in real soccer situations so that ultimately, every kid learns their contribution to the game is important.

SDM: What are the advantages to hosts?

5v5 Soccer LogoTew: There’s a number of those as well! First, there’s the opportunity to create a high quality, local and area-wide competition for your market with a great environment for coaches, players and parents. It generates revenue for the host club, takes up less space and offers the opportunity to enhance recognition and bring prestige to the host organization. Every event that is hosted is important because it becomes part of our 5v5 Soccer National Championship Series.

SDM: Where can people learn more about hosting?

Tew: They can go to this link and follow the prompts.

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