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Get Your BID On: 2023-24 5v5 Soccer National Championship

Jan 20, 2023 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher

If you have the fields, T2 Sporting has the athletes, families and spectators – and they’re actively looking for hosts of the 2023-24 5v5 Soccer National Championship. A grassroots marketing strategy is in place to work with local organizations who want to host this great event. Here is all the information on what’s needed and how to apply.

The bid document is here.

The event owner’s website is here.

5v5 Soccer, offered by T2 Sporting, presents soccer events in small-sided formats; in fact, Warrior Soccer is the world's largest 5v5 Soccer Tour and is always interested in expanding its contact circle of cities interested in partnering on events.

The tour owner, T2Sporting, has developed a grassroots marketing strategy to work with local sports commissions or CVBs who are interested in hosting the championship event.

Host Commitment for National Championship:

  • Provide the venue for the event. The venue must include adequate field space, parking space, garbage receptacles, and toilet facilities.
  • 5v5 SoccerPrepare and line fields or set up the course as Warrior instructs.
  • Provide contact for a referee assignor who will assign all games and be on site for the tournament. (If needed) or a volunteer coordinator.
  • $5000 bid fee to help offset some of the hard costs of running the event.

Event Owner Commitment for National Championship:

  • Operational Expertise (over 1000 tournaments and leagues executed in the past 18 years)
  • Team registration and fee processing on event owner’s website,
  • Marketing assistance including a proven marketing plan and materials, full-color flyers, logos and sample emails, social media, etc.
  • Tournament Director and staff to schedule and run the event
  • Awards and prizes for the event
  • Event hotline
  • Process all team registrations and collect all tournament fees.

For more information, contact Travis Tew, President of T2 Sporting, 435-229-9100,

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