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Up for Bid: NJCAA Football Bowl Games

Jul 16, 2021 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher
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Want to get back into the game and back into hosting? Here’s a great way to get started. The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) is accepting bids for its November and December 2022 Football Bowl Games.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who have ties to NJCAA schools in the area, as well as football facilities suitable for collegiate play.

What’s in it for the destination? A lot! Each bowl game brings in two teams and more than 160 participants, as well as spectators, with an average length of stay of 2.1 nights.

The 2022 dates being sought are as follows:

  • Saturday, November 19
  • Sunday, November 20
  • Saturday, December 3
  • Sunday, December 4

The NJCAA Football Bowl Games Bid Information Packet, listing all sport-specific host requirements, is available at this link

An overview of all information can be found at this link

The UPDATED Host Manual and Style Guide for NJCAA Championship Events is available at this link

Information about NJCAA Football can be found at this link

Deadline: New bowl games that wish to be considered for approval for the 2022 season will be required to submit a formal proposal to the NJCAA by Sept. 15, 2021.

All football bowl game bids are to be submitted online at online at NJCAA Championships Home

Facility Requirements

Note: NCAA Football Rules will be followed for all NJCAA Bowl Games with the exception of video replays for review of any call made on the field.

Playing venue and surface must meet current NCAA guidelines as outlined in the latest edition of the NCAA Football Playing Rules.

Exception: NJCAA will entertain proposals for a bowl game to be played at a high school facility; however, in such cases, the NJCAA strongly suggests that hash marks and field goals meet the collegiate standards.

Facility must be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and all applicable city, state or federal regulations concerning access and seating for people with disabilities. Facility must also have a comprehensive evacuation plan in case of emergency.

Venue must have a suitable press box with appropriate space for select coaches from both teams, radio, television, print media, administrators, statisticians and other key personnel. Internet access is highly recommended.

Venue must have a modernized scoreboard that provides fans with essential details of the game.

 Venue must have a permanent or portable PA system for use during the bowl game. This will be used for team introductions, awards ceremonies, announcements and warm up music.

Adequate parking for team buses, fans and administrators must be available.

Additional Host Requirements: Among the host requirements found in the sport-specific guidelines from NJCAA are as follows:

  • Marketing
  • Hotel Requirements
  • Insurance/Medical
  • Security/Crowd Control
  • Inclement Weather/Lightning Detection
  • Officials
  • Balls
  • Practice
  • Concessions
  • Media Coverage
  • Financial Commitments Related to Various Aspects of the Bid

Note: Other requirements and information are listed; host communities should familiarize themselves with all aspects of the requirements.

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